August 10, 2018

Web Pharmacy: How to Find a Reliable Online Pharmacy

Web pharmacy started as a mail-order business, a service that allows customers to order their medicines via email. The customer will send an order to their local store thru email and pays it to the courier. With the advent of the internet and online stores, the idea of having an e-pharmacy became attractive, attracting pharmaceutical companies and individuals to start their own online pharmacies. As of 2014, at least 4,000 online pharmacies have been spotted online but only a handful are legit. A study by the Food and Drugs Administration revealed that only 4% of these thousands of online pharmacies are legit and verified.

With a high probability of being scammed, why would you still refill your prescription online? In different studies as to why people choose to use internet dispensaries, among their top reasons, are prices and affordability, convenience, and ease of access (most internet dispensaries are not asking for a prescription when refilling Rx medicines).

Trusted Online Pharmacy Reviews

With so many risks associated with refilling prescription medicines online and the popularity of fake internet drugstores, checking a web pharmacy review or ranking is necessary before making an order. If you have chosen a web pharmacy to use, you can verify its legitimacy by checking its customer reviews and third-party scam checkers like VIPPS or Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to check a web pharmacy’s review:

  • A customer review will tell you about the actual product that your chosen e-store delivers
  • A customer review can show you how their customer service works, if they respond to queries or not
  • A customer review can give you an idea of what to look for when ordering your online medicine like hidden charges

Customer reviews mirror the exact service that a company or a store provides. Some might be exaggerated with their stories but at some point, it tells something about their real shopping experience. Trust Pharmacy

Trust Pharmacy

Web pharmacy ranking and review is important because it will give you an idea of which pharmacy to check first. Let’s take a look at Trust Pharmacy reviews.

Trust Online Pharmacy Reviews

Trust Online Pharmacy Reviews

For example, in this review for Trust Pharmacy, we found Smith from the UK who appreciated his great experience with the said online pharmacy. Dorothy, another customer of Trust Pharmacy shared that she finds their service excellent and efficient while Samuel from France appreciated their shipping process and how he became a loyal customer because of this.

Best Online Pharmacies

Regardless of what we are looking for, a rate always, matter. Your e-store’s rate will mean a lot in terms of winning favorable reviews. A good rate also means having more customers trusting your store. For online stores, a good rank and rating mean a good response from buyers and a potential promotion for your business.

Here are the features that determine if you are dealing with one of the best online pharmacies in the world or not:

Here are the features that determine if you are dealing with one of the best online pharmacies in the world or not:

  • They have a trade off privacy. It means that even if they are not seeing their customers, they want to ensure that they are giving the best to their customers and it translates with the fact that they only give Rx medicines when a customer is able to present a valid prescription
  • Best online pharmacies have VIPPS seal on their website. The Verified Internet Pharmacy Practices Site (VIPPS) seal is from the NABP
  • They offer drugs with an expiry date
  • Good and reliable online pharmacies have contact information and physical address. Although they offer to ship worldwide, they provide disclaimers advising customers of the possibility of delay because of the sensitivity associated with medicines as packages
  • A good online pharmacy has good customer reviews. Good customer reviews mean that the reviews are legit and were written by real people

There are websites that give a list of great internet dispensaries. Their ratings and rankings vary from each factor they consider in determining a good online pharmacy. You can also check our list of recommended online pharmacies if you are still looking for an e-dispensary to trust.

Pharmacy Mall, One of the Best Online Pharmacies

Pharmacy Mall, One of the Best Online Pharmacies

Online Pharmacy Safety

Web pharmacies are everywhere. A simple google search can give you hundreds of online pharmacies from different countries. With so many options, how would you secure your information and credentials and avoid compromising it when ordering online?

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  • Avoid giving a detailed information like your complete and exact address
  • Do not give your regular email address during the sign-up process. If you have a dummy email address, use it
  • Do not use your regular credit card or debit card. If you have a prepaid card, use it to pay for your online transaction
  • Read their terms and conditions as well as their policies especially when it comes to refund, return, and exchange. Some online pharmacies are giving ‘100% guarantee’ but there might be clauses inside it that you should be aware of before believing it
  • Check for prices. If the price of their medicines are extremely cheap, it is a red flag

Online pharmacy safety is very important because once you becomes a victim of fraud or of an illegitimate online pharmacy, it doesn’t just compromise your information, it also compromises your health.


Finding a web pharmacy is easy. Finding a reliable web pharmacy is the hardest part. In order to find the best web pharmacy to trust, we recommend that you:

  • Search for a web pharmacy rankings and ratings
  • Search for a web pharmacy review, select 2-3 specific e-dispensary then compare each site
  • Search for a web pharmacy that has the VIPPS seal
  • Search for a web pharmacy that asks for a prescription before dispensing RX medicines
  • Search for a web pharmacy that has contact information such as phone numbers or email address
  • Search for a web pharmacy with a physical address or a web pharmacy that is associated with a local pharmacy

With these factors to consider and by trusting your own intuition, you can easily find an internet pharmacy to trust. These factors are so far among the best steps that you can do in reducing risks of being scammed online. For a list of web pharmacies to check, go to our list of recommended online pharmacies.