August 10, 2018

Rxmeds: How to Save on Your Prescription Medications

The most purchased meds are the prescription medications. This is because people who depend on these pills cannot live without them. The medications are available in the local drug stores. The problem is that many local stores take advantage of the high demand for the meds to raise the price. People are often struggling to make the ends meet and at the same time keep paying thousands of dollars for the medications responsible for keeping them alive. This is not an ideal situation to be in. People would want to keep their health in check and also keep their financial lives straight. However, if you are still buying your meds in the local stores, there is something you don’t know. You are being overcharged. Drugs are cheaper online.

For most people, ordering online can be a scary experience. This is understandable since you are sourcing your meds thousands of miles away from people you have never met. However, when this is done right, there is no need to worry about a thing. You will receive your medications on time. The major question we encountered online while doing our research is a question of whether it is legal or illegal to obtain prescription medications online. The answer to this question may be dependent on the country you are in. But, one thing is clear: if you are ordering your meds online from a legal drugstore and you have a prescription script for the Rx drugs then it is 100% legal.

Prescription Drugs List

In all countries, the law dictates that you have to get a prescription from your doctor first before buying prescription meds. This is why it is extremely essential for the buyer to know which medications require them to have a prescription so that they can stay out of trouble. The medications which require a prescription are different in different countries. For this reason, the best advice we can give you is you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations which are applied to pharmacies in your country. However, in Canada where most people source their drugs, the following are some of the drugs considered to be prescription meds:

Canadian Prescription Drugs List

Canadian Prescription Drugs List

Some of the meds on this list include Abatacept, Abciximab, and more. The reason why medications are usually placed in the prescription medication category is that they are more powerful than the over the counter drugs. They are more likely to cause harm to your body if taken without the prescription script dictating how you should take them.

Most controlled drugs are usually placed under the prescription category. Also narcotics are usually classified under the prescription meds category. Narcotics have a major problem of becoming addictive if someone takes them without the guidance of a prescription script.

Prescription Drugs Online

If you are not aware of it just yet, the web has all the prescription meds you need. The only thing remaining is for you to get these meds. You will get the prescription meds at a price that is over 90% cheaper. To give you proof, we have a price list that shows the prices that you will pay for your drugs in the online stores and compares that with the local pharmacy prices. The price list even indicates the percentage savings that you get. Here is the price list:

Prescription Meds Price List Online

Prescription Meds Price List Online

If you require using Actonel to treat Paget’s disease and also prevent yourself from getting osteoarthritis, you don’t have to pay 816 dollars for only 12 doses. You can get this medication at a price of only 59 dollars. This will save you 757 dollars which is equivalent to paying 93% less.

If you are diabetic and you need to use Actos to keep your blood sugars in check, you shouldn’t have to pay 1777.50 dollars for your 84 tablets in the local stores. You can pay only 3% of this price. On the web, you will pay only 54 dollars. This saves you 1723.50 dollars.

For people who have an enlarged prostate, paying 588 dollars for 90 Flomax tablets is exorbitant. Instead of paying this amount in the local stores, you can opt to source the medication online and pay only $60 for the same number of pills. This will save you 526 dollars which is the same as paying 90% less.

In general, when you are sourcing your medications online, you will get to pay 90% less on average. According to the partial price list indicated above, the lowest amount of money you will save is 86% of what you pay in the local stores. However, don’t think that shopping from the first cheap pharmacy you come across is the ideal thing to do. Fake pharmacies entice unsuspecting customers using low prices as a bait. Our catalog has the cheapest and genuine online prescription medication stores.

Best Prescription Discount Card

One of the ways you can save on your medical expenses in the local stores is through the use of a discount card. There are numerous prescription discount cards. However, the one that stands out is the one offered by GoodRx:

GoodRx Prescription Coupon Card

GoodRx Prescription Coupon Card

GoodRx is a website and mobile app that scans over 70,000 local drug stores to locate manufacturer coupon codes. This site gets millions of visitors on a monthly basis who are looking to save their money while buying drugs. To get the above card, you will have to fill your details on their website. They will mail the card to you for free.


Buying prescription meds in the local stores is becoming more of a load to people who operate under a budget. However, you can have the chance to reduce your medication costs by over 70% when you use online pharmacies. These stores have all the medications you need. Also, they have both generic and brand name drugs. You get a chance to choose from all these. The delivery is speedy and hence you will never have to worry about a thing. The best pharmacies available online are masked by fake stores. To find them easily, you can check our catalog where we have the top-rated prescription meds vendors available online.