April 18, 2018

Remedies for Stress with Emotional Control

Stress is defined as anything that threatens the health of the our body or has an adverse effect on its functioning, such as disease, injury, worry or depression. Stress is associated with serious diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, cardio-vascular disease, gastro-intestinal and respiratory illnesses.

Stress in moderation is the spice of human life and we would be very dull people without it. A some level acts as an incentive in every side of our lives and as such is important to our survival. So positive stress is indeed necessary and it is not harmful. What is important is the response to it. If a hard workload is viewed as a burden, then stress is present. On the oilier hand, if it is viewed as a challenge or even a pleasure, then stress does not occur.

Stress leads disordered hormonal releases of all kinds, including the female reproductive ones. It can also lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, liver damage, peptic ulcers and other common diseases in our modern world.

The release of stress hormones like cortisole and adrenalin sends messages to the entire body that all is not well. This results in evil cells, because every cell in the human body can receive these hormonal messages. If they are on the receiving end of unhappiness long-term, then cells inevitably malfunction to the extent that serious illness develops. At first it was thought that only the immune system communicated with the brain on an emotional level, but it has become evident that all cell in human body can send and receive emotions, which means that cells contain some sort of intelligence. Cells receiving unhappy messages from cortisole not only become depressed themselves (and therefore sick) but they send negative messages to our brain. Equally, a relaxed smiling person sends happy messages throughout the body.

When you feel low, try holding a smile on your face for a few minutes and notice how your mood lightens. The facial muscles are sending happy chemical messages to the brain. Just as we as a whole cannot function properly when we are depressed or anxious, the cells of every organ also malfunction if they are depressed by stress hormones over a long period.