August 10, 2018

Quick Rx Pharmacy: A Local Store Located in the US

Quick Rx is a pharmacy that is located in multiple places in the United States. They have locations in the New York City where they have three centers. The pharmacy is also located in the Bronx where they have only one center. The pharmacy also has a location in Brooklyn where they have three centers. Quick Rx Website states that they are a specialty pharmacy that is devoted to offering the best services to their patients during the course of their special treatment. This pharmacy claims that they are accredited by URAC, they are licensed in over 40 states, they collaborate with drug providers and manufacturers in order to guide their patients through their treatments.

The pharmacy works to help by improving their patients’ access to specialty meds. Quick Rx claims that they make sure they remain ahead of the curve. They claim they always focus on providing high-quality meds. Quick Rx says that they ensure the customer service offered to healthcare practitioners and patients is extraordinary. Quick Rx claims that they don’t just offer medications and refill prescriptions. They offer an extensive variety of treatments and concentrated care. This helps in the management of the health conditions that the patient may be having.

Quick Rx Pharmacy Reviews

Quick Rx pharmacy claims that they offer great services. But, this can be used in order to help them gain clients even though they offer mediocre services. The best way we can be sure that when you decide to use their services you will not regret this decision is by finding the reviews that their previous users had left behind for them. We searched the web in order to try and locate these reviews. The problem is that we could not locate more than one review. Here is the review that we found:

Quick Rx Pharmacy User Testimonial (source: https://www

Quick Rx Pharmacy User Testimonial (source:

The review that we found on Yelp had been posted by a user back in 2015. The review was for one of the Quick Rx Pharmacy centers located in Brooklyn. The reviewer claims that the reason as to why she goes to Quick Rx pharmacy is because it is very close to her home. The employees are friendly. However, it does not look as if they are really friendly when the buyer initially steps inside the pharmacy. She visits the pharmacy every once in a while because of her prescriptions and Notary Public. She claims that the pharmacy has a copy machine and fax available. They have flat screen TVs to watch as the patient waits. The only con that she has noticed is that sometimes you might need to wait for a long time before you can receive your prescriptions. She reports that she likes Quick Rx pharmacy.

The above review is the only one that we managed to locate. From the look of it, the user enjoys the services that she receives. However, if you are not in one of the states in the United States where this pharmacy has a center, you will not receive any help. The best thing that you can do to avoid heavy costs that the local stores charge for simple meds is to avoid buying from the pharmacies completely. Instead, buy from online stores. We have got top-rated stores in our catalog which have numerous positive reviews.

Quick Rx Prescriptions

The pharmacy claims that it ensures their patients get access to their prescription meds without any hassles. Their patients can get their prescriptions refilled by simply walking into their store. Their prescription drugs will require a valid doctor’s prescription. The store offers delivery services. They will deliver your prescription meds to your home, temporary address if you are traveling, or the doctor’s office. They deliver on regular days, that is, Monday through Friday. If the store cannot refill your prescription, they will be happy to transfer it to another specialty pharmacy.

The store claims that they place their patients’ needs at the top of their priorities. This means that they will try as much as possible to deliver your drugs on time. However, they instruct their patients to call if their drugs don’t arrive on time.

It is clear that Quick Rx pharmacy will help you refill your prescriptions. However, if you have been using a local store like Quick Rx Pharmacy to refill your prescriptions, you have been paying extra money that you don’t have to pay. Online stores usually offer you a chance to save as much as 80% of the money that you pay to your local stores. To find the best stores which will not scam you or steal from you, use the top-rated list that we suggest to you.

Quick Rx Pharmacy Phone Number

Being able to contact your pharmacy gives you an upper hand. This is the reason that made us look for the contact information for Quick Rx pharmacy. The following is their contact information.

Quick Rx Pharmacy Contact Information

Quick Rx Pharmacy Contact Information

Their main office is located in Brooklyn. The hours when you can reach out to them are between 8am and 6pm. Their telephone is 347-691-3494. Their email is [email protected] The pharmacy also allows their customers to use a web form to contact them. This web form is available on their contact page.


Quick Rx is a specialty pharmacy that is located in the United States. Their services and products are only available to the local united states citizens. You will not receive their services if you are located outside the United States. Local stores overcharge their customers. It is for this reason that we have spent a large amount of time investigating online stores. We have isolated the stores which offer great services and placed them on our top-rated catalog. In order for you to enjoy great services, quick shipping, and also avoid scammers who steal from you or deliver counterfeit drugs, you will need to use this list.