August 10, 2018

Pharmacymall – Stands Out for Its Excellent Medicines

Pharmacy Mall is an online pharmacy that’s popular among many customers. Due to the cheap prices that it has for its pharmaceutical products, customers are able to save for as much as 80% of their money when buying from them. Whether the customers are looking for prescription medicines or over-the-counter drugs, they can purchase them at very cheap costs at Pharmacy Mall. Pharmacy Mall is not a pharmacy store that simply offers cheaper alternatives to its customers but the alternatives that it provides are medicines of good quality and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Buyers can rely on its selection of meds since all of them come only from trusted pharmaceutical companies and Good Manufacturing Practice-certified manufacturers.

For as early as 1997, Pharmacy Mall has already been around back in those days where online shopping and purchase weren’t popular as they are now. It is one of the pioneers in the online pharmacy business and continues to be a reliable supplier of medicines to its clients all over the world. Pharmacy Mall is actually a Canadian pharmacy that is a member of organizations like Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA).



These are associations whose role is to protect the customers from the onslaught of fake pharmacies that sell unapproved and unsafe medicines. These counterfeit pharmacies are also known to steal from the unsuspecting customers and use their personal info for fraudulent activities. To avoid them, customers only need to look for pharmacy sites like Pharmacy Mall who have emblems of these associations as a proof of its genuineness.

Unlike local pharmacies, Pharmacy Mall has loads of benefits waiting for its customers who will be getting their meds from them. The medicines that they sell are already priced affordably but they still offer discounts for them. The discounts that they offer can help buyers to save more money and purchase more of the pills that they need. Shipping charges are normal for the customers to shoulder but for buyers who will be able to order products that will amount to more than $200 USD, their shipping fees will be waived by Pharmacy Mall. For each order that the buyers will make, Pharmacy Mall also throws in freebies in the form of additional pills which they could save for future use and could also be translated as additional savings. With these offers, the buyers won’t only get physically well from the medicines that they will purchase but will also have lots of money left for other things.

To buyers who might think that their needed medicine isn’t sold at Pharmacy Mall, they can actually check and find out for themselves that what they need is there. It has a great selection of medicines for all uses and applications which are arranged categorically and alphabetically for the customer’s ease. A search bar can also be used as shortcut by buyers who are in a rush. They would only need to type the name of their medicines in and hit search for the meds to come up. Reviews

Customers who have been pleased with their experience with Pharmacy Mall left their testimonials on its page for the encouragement of other customers after them. Let’s take a look at these reviews and see how Pharmacy Mall was able to make their experience a pleasant one:

Pharmacy Mall User Reviews

Pharmacy Mall User Reviews

Dorothy from Andorra found the service provided by Pharmacy Mall to be excellent as her questions were dealt in a very efficient manner by its customer service representatives. There are customer hotlines on the top of its webpage that customers can contact if they need any help or if they have any concerns needed to be sorted out. Dorothy also cites that Pharmacy Mall has good prices for its products which gives great value for her money. She was able to purchase more of the pills she needed and was still able to take home some savings.

For Samuel, what made him happy was the fact that his orders were speedily shipped to him without any delays. He did not mention if he needed the meds urgently but was glad that he received it quickly. He also mentions that he was constantly informed regarding the status of the delivery of his orders until he finally received them which was very reassuring for a client. According to Samuel, he has already been a customer to Pharmacy Mall for several years and he was always pleased whenever he buys from them due to its honesty, making it a great site.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Code

After selecting the medicines that they need and proceeding over to the checkout page, buyers will notice that there is a small box supplied for putting coupon codes in. These codes are from Pharmacy Mall’s partner sites and independent coupon providers on the internet. What these codes do when they’re used is they give the customers discounts based on what their values are as codes. Customers can even use 50%-off codes to get their orders for cheaper prices. If the codes that customers put in are valid, the discount will be applied. If it’s an invalid code, it won’t be accepted by the system.

Non-Prescription Online Pharmacy Reviews

Most online pharmacies don’t require their customers to provide any prescriptions when they buy their prescription meds in order for them to save money and time. Doctor visits indeed cost time and money but customers can skip that part when they get their meds online. These non-prescription online pharmacies actually get good reviews from their customers since they no longer have to go through a lengthy and costly process just to buy the medicines that they need.


Even if there are many other online pharmacies on the web, Pharmacy Mall stands out as an online pharmacy with good pricing for its excellent medicines. Customer reviews even show buyers who are happy with its quick delivery service making it a reliable store. The selection of medicines here is also great which guarantees the buyers that they will find what they are looking for. For a complete list of other online pharmacies with the same great offers, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.