August 10, 2018 Reviews – The Place for Verified Pharmacy Sites with the Cheapest Meds is an online pharmacy-verifying website that helps customers have access to genuine online drugstores. Not only is a website that checks the legitimacy of existing online pharmacy stores but it’s also a site that provides certifications to those who are already proven authentic. Customers who browse pharmacy sites on the web should always look for the seal which will tell them that the site is already verified safe and secure. With the number of scam pharmacies growing every day, it’s important for customers to be always cautious and take measures to ensure their safety online. will help them a lot in finding the right online pharmacy to buy from since its database is full of pharmacy sites that have already been certified trustworthy.

The focus of is not only directed on verifying websites but it’s also dedicated to aiding the buyers find the cheapest medicines on the web. Since its database is made up of thousands of reputable and legitimately operating online drugstores, has access to different medicines and prices. This allows the customers to compare prices between online pharmacies and choose the ones with the best offer.

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It would take a lot of time and effort to manually search for the lowest price on the web and using for this purpose would make it so much easier for the buyers. With the pharmacies that bear the’s certification, customers can also be assured of their safety from counterfeit drugstores. itself is not an online pharmacy but only a medium for the customers to find the most reliable pharmacy sites on the web. It does not dispense medications to customers but it gives the customers a list of verified online pharmacies where they can buy their meds. The verified pharmacies on its site are known for the affordable prices and the great quality of their meds. Most of these online drugstores are of Canadian origin while some are from outside North America, coming from pharmacy sites at Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and others.

Because of the dependable service that provides, many customers are glad to leave behind excellent reviews as a testament to its reliability. Here are some of those reviews, coming from customers all over:

Pharmacychecker Reviews

The first review was from a customer named Charles who was grateful for the superb support that he got from Charles is one of those people who rely on medications to keep himself and his wife in good shape but the drug prices in the US are so expensive that it came to a point where the costs have become great burdens. But through the help of, he was able to find online pharmacies that offer the medications of his wife at costs which are 60% to 70% less than what they spend at local drugstores.

Bill K. is the next customer who provided his review for and shares his story where he uses an eye drop that costs $175 USD. He buys his costly eye drops at a local pharmacy and it was supposed to be for a month’s use. But since he has to use it daily, it runs out before even reaching a full month. But after learning about, he tried purchasing his eye drops from a Canadian online pharmacy where he got it for only $14.95 with shipping included. He’s happy with the savings that he gets and also with the exact same benefits as his previous eye drop.

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The next one is from a customer named Larry who decided to use for finding affordable alternatives to his expensive meds and his wife’s. Larry is among the large population of Americans without medical insurance, making it difficult for them to afford their meds. But using as a research tool for finding effective but cheap meds, Larry was able to buy their needed medicines.

Drug Prices in Canada vs USA

There is a huge gap between the medicine prices in Canada and the USA and the fact that the customers are flocking to Canadian online pharmacies to get their meds just tells something about the American drug companies. Most of the prices of prescription meds in the US are unforgiving, some even reaching more than $100 USD for just a single pill. Generics for these expensive medications are scarce as local pharmacies are pushing for the sale of the expensive medicine brands. But it’s a different story at Canadian pharmacies because they source their meds from pharma companies from outside of the US where the raw materials and production costs are cheap. With this, Canadian online drugstores are able to pass the prices on to customers at wholesale costs, saving their money. The meds from Canada drugstores are also approved by the FDA, a guarantee for their quality and safety for use.

 Canadian Online Pharmacies

These pharmacies are actually the best ones in the business as Canadian pharmacies have already been operating for more than two decades but the service and the products that they offer are just as reliable as ever.

Reliable Canadian Online Pharmacy

Reliable Canadian Online Pharmacy

They have consistently sold high-quality prescription medications at low prices which is a great help to customers. Ordering from them is easy and they even add freebies with the customer’s purchases, waive the shipping fees, and give great discounts to regular customers.

Canadian online pharmacies are just the online versions of the Canadian local drugstores which originally had the low prices for expensive drugs. Local Canadian pharmacies are the sources of the cheap medications back then when the American seniors did field trips across the Canadian border in the 90’s just to buy affordable drugs. Now, customers no longer need to cross the border since online Canadian pharmacies provide the same low prices for their effective drugs.

Summary is a pharmacy-verifying website that also works as a medicine price comparison site for the customers to get the cheapest meds possible. Not only does it keep the customers from landing into counterfeit online drugstores but it also helps them find the drugs with the lowest price at legitimate and verified online pharmacies. For other verified online drugstores with cheap medicine prices, customers can check the list of our top recommended pharmacies.