August 10, 2018

Pharmacy Rx One Review: Not Recommended Drugstore

Pharmacy Rx One is one pharmacy that claims that they sell medications without asking for prescriptions from the patients who need this medication. According to, the reason as to why they do this is in order to make it easier for patients to get their meds without much of a hassle. They claim that they will provide all the information that you need when you are buying your meds from them. Their about page also claims that they accept scanned prescriptions when you are ordering your drugs. These are to be sent by email to the pharmacy. They claim that they will deliver the drugs that your doctor has indicated on your prescription script to your house. claims that they have the Cheapest generic drugs that are available on the web. They claim that they will offer you free pills for every order that you make that exceeds 40 dollars. They offer to give their customers free Viagra samples. The store uses Visa, Mastercard, American Express as well as other methods of payment. Prescription Rx One had a large number of promises on their website. However, believing a company based on the promises that they have on their website is a poor decision. Let’s look at the reviews and confirm whether any of the promises that they have made are true.

Prescription Rx1 Reviews

We searched the internet for a long time but we could not locate any reviews. The only thing that we were able to locate that could count as a review for the company is a report from one person who had been ripped off his money by Prescription Rx One. The following is the report:

Prescription Rx One Review

Prescription Rx One Review

The above user placed his order on 1/02/2015. The amount that he was supposed to pay for his meds is $73.32. He received an order that looked professional from Prescription Rx One. The order stated that he would receive an email when his item was shipped and they would also charge his credit card. When he checked his credit card he noticed that he had been charged $76.06 for an unknown shop that had the name 5 Star Shop.

He went to Prescription Rx One website to check the status of his order and he was shocked to find it had been stated that his order had been delivered on 1/04/2015 at 1:30 PM. He had not received the order. He called the customer support on the number that as available on their website and it was not answered. He called the number available on his bank statement and he was able to finally get hold of a non-English speaking person named Katie. He did his best to explain his situation and he was told that his order would take another 21 days. He asked her why his order said that it had been delivered on 4th and she did not respond to that.

He asked the reason as to why their official number was not being picked for which she said that it works. He asked her why his credit card had been overcharged and she lied she would transfer him to the accounting department before she hung up on him. He called her again but never received an answer.

Although we only found one review, it explains everything. Prescription Rx One is not a store that you should trust. They will steal from you and never deliver anything. But, are there any trusted online pharmacies?

Trusted Online Pharmacy Reviews

When you come across rogue stores like Prescription Rx One, you might be tempted to believe that there is no way you can find a pharmacy that you can trust online. This is not the truth. We have got the proof in form of reviews:

Trusted Online Pharmacy Reviews (source: https://www

Trusted Online Pharmacy Reviews

According to Mary, the Canadian online pharmacy from which she ordered her drugs was very friendly, efficient, and helpful. They are always ready to give answers to the patient’s questions. Mary recommends this online store.

Darko is another happy patient who has ordered his drugs from a trusted online pharmacy. He claims everything is good. The drugs arrived in a timely manner. He is happy with the prompt service that he received from the pharmacy.

The above great reviews apply to less than 10% of the pharmacies that you will find online. If you would like to locate these pharmacies without having to deal with rogue stores like Prescription Rx One, you should check our catalog. The pharmacies that we have in this catalog have been proven to offer the best services.

Reputable Canadian Pharmacy

You will be able to find more than one Canadian Pharmacy online that is reputable. However, after analyzing thousands of Canadian pharmacies, we have managed to come up with one that can help you get what you want. The pharmacy that we are talking about is known as Online Pills pharmacy.

Reputable Canadian Pharmacy – Online Pills

Reputable Canadian Pharmacy – Online Pills

We have selected this pharmacy since they have great prices, they use credit cards as their mode of payment and hence you can dispute your charges at any time, and they have great customer support. We have ordered from this pharmacy in order to confirm their delivery and service. Both of these are awesome.


Prescription Rx One is one pharmacy that we would not advise you to consider dealing with. They will steal from you and never deliver your meds. They have a non-functional number listed on their website and their customer support team will not help you in any way. We have better choices. We have the top-rated list that we recommend to you. When you use this list, you will get what you want and the delivery will be timely. Regarding the cost of drugs, there is no any other pharmacy available anywhere else either online or offline that can beat their prices. The customer service department will go overboard to ensure that you are satisfied.