August 10, 2018

Pharm Store – Is This a Legit Pharmacy?

Pharm Store is probably one of the recurrent names in the online drugstore world considering its popularity amongst the users.  This shop is one which was incepted in 2001, making it one of the oldest web drugstores in the business.

This shop is concerned about giving customers access to plenty of generic and brand name treatments that are otherwise too expensive to afford at the local drugstores. Customers of Pharm Store are entitled to low prices for the medicines they need, considering the shop sources its medications directly from the drug manufacturers to assist its consumers in saving in drug costs.

Pharm Store features medicines for various medical concerns, such as erectile dysfunction, allergy treatment, pain relief, digestive treatments, hypertension medicines, and various others. Customers can purchase the medicines at Pharm Store even without providing their prescriptions, much to the convenience of the buyers.

This Pharm Store shop has much in common with the other online drugstores in the market. However, unlike the other stores, Pharm Store has a reputation for being a reliable online drugstore considering its long operation history, its genuine products, reliable deliveries, and its excellent customer service. Review

Customer comments are a good basis for evaluating the integrity of a particular online pharmacy. Clients are always advised to check customer opinions about a store in question so they can clearly see how the shop treated its consumers in the past.

Reviews for the shop Pharm Store were available online and clearly, the store was able to capture the hearts of its consumers, as evidenced by the positive reviews for the store.

Here are some of the customer comments written by its patrons to give you an idea of how well they received the shop:

It is amazing to note that the customer comments for pharm Store were mostly for the present year, which means that the shop is still great even after years of service

It is amazing to note that the customer comments for pharm Store were mostly for the present year, which means that the shop is still great even after years of service.

According to Beverly Baldwin, Pharm Store is a “very professional” shop that was able to ship his order faster than he anticipated. She rated the store 5 out of 5 because she was able to save a lot while using the store.

Diane Kasten also gave a 5 out of 5 star rating to Pharm Store and according to her, she was able to get good deals for her medicines—she got her meds for 10 times cheaper than their local drugstore prices.

According to Luke, he was blown away by the whole experience of shopping at Pharm Store. He mentioned that the medicines he purchased from the store were 100% authentic and were effective to use. He commended the store’s ease of use and thanked the shop’s customer service.

Like the other clients, Shiela McLaughlin also rated the store 5 out of 5 stars. According to Shiela, Pharm Store’s prices are utterly lower than the local drugstore rates—she wasn’t able to products as cheap as the ones sold at Pharm Store at her neighborhood pharmacy.

Mary also gave Pharm Store 5 out of 5 points because of the shop’s polite customer service assistants. Bottom line: Mary was happy with Pharm Store.

The good reviews for Pharm Store indicate that the shop was able to serve its consumers excellently—the customer reviews would have told otherwise.

Pharm Store Coupon

Besides the good prices at Pharm Store, the shop also offers several deals for its consumers to maximize their savings whenever using the shop for their medical needs.

One of the deals available for the consumers is the 5% discount on all orders paid via E-checks, personal checks, cashier’s checks, personal checks, or international money orders.

5% Discount for Customers

5% Discount for Customers

Besides the discounts for the abovementioned payment options, consumers are also entitled to bulk discounts for their orders—buyers with larger purchases are given added discounts for their overall orders so they can save more.

Free shipping is also given by the store to its consumers, as long as they were able to reach a certain purchase amount in the store. Freebie pills are sometimes given away, as well as special coupon codes and discounts.

All in all, Pharm Store is generous when it comes to giving added value to its consumers.

Pharm Store Legit Checks

Pharm Store is not the only web drugstore where consumers can purchase their medicines online, so buyers can also consider other options when it comes to their medical needs. However, before resolving to use online pharmacies, you need to check if a store is legitimate first to ensure that you won’t be wasting any of your resources on a scam or a fake website.

Here are some of the pharm store legit checks you can perform before you make any web purchases for your meds:

  1. Research about the store’s reviews

First of all, you need to research on a shop’s review first before purchasing there. You can consider reviews from reliable review platforms and forum websites since they provide a more transparent view of the drugstores in question. As a general rule, use shops with A+ reviews and those with a good reputation.

  1. Use domain assessing platforms to check on a site

If you find reviews insufficient, you can use web checking platforms like the one featured in the image below, to see if a store’s details are consistent with its claims of good service.

A Domain Analysis Service

A Domain Analysis Service

Good stores usually fare well with the checks and have their details consistent with the claims made on their sites.

  1. Use curated store lists

If you want to cut time in searching for which stores to use, you can just use well-curated lists of online drugstores (like our list of Top Online Vendors for the year) as a shortcut in finding the best stores to use for your drug purchases.


Pharm Store is a shop operating for years online. Amazingly, its patrons had good comments about its service and its products. However, apart from this shop is a vast number of other web pharmacies waiting to be explored. You can use any of them, but try and stick to the reliable ones listed on our list of Top Web Drugstores for the year, or those which have passed your scrutiny.