August 10, 2018

Online Pharmacy Without Prescription

There are several online pharmacies that you could conveniently make a drug purchase from. These online pharmacies offer the sale of prescription and OTC drugs. The question about buying prescription drugs online without a doctor’s prescription is very common. Many wonders if it is possible. Some also wonder if it is legitimate. Well, it is possible to buy drugs online without a doctor’s prescription. But the bone of contention is whether these sites are legitimate and whether purchasing your meds from these sites would expose you to any risk? We would be taking a thorough look at all these in this article. So, you’d be sure whether to make a purchase of a prescription med from an online pharmacy that offers to sell prescription drugs to you without a doctor’s prescription. Let’s get to it.

Prescription Vs Non-Prescription Medications

Before delving into online pharmacies that sell drugs without a prescription, it is important that we take a look at what prescription meds are. We are sure you are familiar with what prescription medications are. But why do some drugs require a doctor’s prescription and some drugs do not? There are drugs that can be gotten over the counter, these drugs are the non-prescription drugs. They are drugs that have been used for several decades and their effects have been fully ascertained. And they have been certified safe.

Prescription Leaflet

These drugs always come in different brand-names and individuals are familiar with their mode of use. They are always low in price and they are not too powerful. Non-prescription drugs are used to treat common and less severe ailments like a headache, fever, cold, etc. This is why anytime feel a headache or fever you could always get an aspirin easily without having to consult your physician for a prescription. On the other hand, prescription medications are drugs that are fairly new and are used for the treatment of serious health issues like muscular pain, anxiety, depression etc. These drugs are also strong and come with certain effects; thus, their use has to be monitored to prevent misuse and damage to the health. The monitoring ensures the safe use of the drug. That’s why certain drugs cannot be sold to an individual without a doctor’s prescription. So, now that you know why some drugs require a doctor’s prescription and why some drugs do not; we can delve into pharmacies that sell prescription drugs without a prescription.

Online Pharmacy Non-Prescription

As you already know, drugs that treat serious health issues require a doctor’s prescription. These drugs are sold on several online pharmacies. For several reasons individuals want to avoid going to their doctor’s to request a prescription, hence, they resort to searching for online pharmacies that sell these prescription drugs without a prescription. This is often common with erectile dysfunction patients. They feel shy to go to talk about their ordeal with their doctor. While there are online pharmacies that can sell prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription, you should note that these platforms are illegitimate and the act of selling prescription drugs without a prescription is illegal. If you look closely, most of these online pharmacies are always not reputable and accredited by the relevant agencies. They also rarely have a physical address. And when they show a physical address it is often false. Purchasing prescription drugs from these websites is highly risky as you may be exposing yourself to personal and financial data theft, counterfeit drugs, and several other scams. If you do not wish to visit your doctor for a prescription, there are several online pharmacies who have licensed professionals that can issue you a prescription. These platforms offer a service of issuing a doctor’s prescription for prescription drugs. In most cases, you would be required to fill out a form that captures your health history which would help their health practitioner ascertain if you may be exposed to any risk using the drug. If the drug is ascertained safe for you, a prescription would be written, passed to the pharmacist and your drugs would then be dispensed to you.

Online Prescription Questionnaire

Online Prescription Questionnaire

We advise that you refrain from buying drugs from online pharmacies who offer to sell prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription to avoid getting counterfeit drugs. For pharmacies that you can trust, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

Canadian Pharmacy Non-Prescription

Canadian pharmacies have received patronage from many US patients over the years because Canadian pharmacies are known to sell drugs that are priced high in the US at a much lower price. Legitimate Canadian pharmacies require a doctor’s prescription before prescription drugs can be shipped out to you. Often the prescription is uploaded to their platform, faxed or sent by Email. Any Canadian online pharmacy that sells prescription drugs without a prescription is frowned on by the regulating agencies. The national association of boards of Pharmacy (NABP) calls the sites suspicious sites as selling prescription drugs without a prescription is not in accordance with the state and federal laws. These sites dispense also dispense unapproved drugs. Purchasing from these sites is risky. If you want to order from Canadian pharmacies order from sites that have been accredited by VIPPS. These sites are certified safe and they would never dispense prescription drugs without a prescription as it is not in accordance with the safe practices to be followed by the Canadian pharmacies.


While it may be tempting to order our prescription drugs from websites that sell them without a prescription, it is very risky; considering the fact that these sites are breaking the law. Hence, they are illegitimate sites that have not been approved by the appropriate agencies. Therefore, you would be exposed to a measure of risks if you make prescription drug purchases from these websites. To avoid obtaining counterfeit drugs and getting scammed, get your drugs for online pharmacies that require a doctor’s prescription for prescription medications. Check out these trusted pharmacies on our top list of recommended pharmacies. Finally, ensure you be on the lookout for scammers online.