April 18, 2018

Mold Allergy And Symptoms Of Mold Allergy

The mold allergy is caused in humans mainly due to an organism called as mold. It is an organism found in most of the places indoors and outdoors both. It is a type of organism which just simply break downs the dead material to return the nutrients in to the environment. Leaves, wood, food, dirt and paper are the very light things that can cause to spread this bacterium.

Most of the symptoms felt by the patients of mold allergy are kind of very similar to that of other kinds of allergies.

The common mold allergy symptoms related to mold allergy includes

• The watery eyes
• The itchy nose, throat and eyes
• The stuffy or the runny nose and
• The post nasal drip and cough are the other symptoms felt by the mold allergy patients

Beside them the mold allergy symptoms can also vary from person to person. Some people even have the unnoticed symptoms from round the year of time and some of them do also have the altered symptoms round the year. These symptoms are also supposed to appear in most of the people when they are in high mold concentration area.

The Symptoms related to the wheat allergy

The wheat today acts as one of the vital nutrients of our daily lives. Sometime the wheat can also be a reason to cause you one or other form of allergy. The Symptoms of wheat allergyare given below.
• Itching, irritation and swelling in and around the areas of the mouth and throat
• Due to itching the hives and rashes are formed on to the skin of the person suffering from wheat allergy
• Due to the mucus formed the congestion in the nasal cavity might also disturb you
• Some of the problems in the areas near the eyes like frequent irritation, redness, itching and watering etc.
• Due to the complete blockage of air the patients might also feel a great difficulty in proper breathing. This can also be due to the blockage of the food pipe of the body
• The bad digestion and related leading symptoms which includes the diseases like diarrhea and constipation
• Several time occurrence of fever and painful stomach
• Due to the consumption of the wheat allergens sometime the cramps, nausea and vomiting can also irritate the patient
• The anaphylaxis is the name of a disease which is mainly caused by the wheat allergies. It causes breathing problem, skin color change, dizziness, chest congestion and the throat tightness.

These are the common symptoms of wheat allergy.