August 10, 2018

Liquid Sildenafil: A Proper Erectile Dysfunction Medication That Is still Undergoing Research

Sildenafil is an ED medicine that can also cure pulmonary arterial hypertension. It is mostly sold in form of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg tablets in pharmacies and online drug stores. Most people buy the tablet form of the drug but not many people know that there is a liquid form of Viagra that has been proven to be easier to use than the pills.

In addition to being easier to use, it is actually considered to be more effective than pills due to the few reasons. One reason is that some people find it easier to take a liquid form of the medicine than the tablet form. This could be due to the ease of swallowing the liquid. Some people have a hard time taking pills.

The second reason is that it is easier for the body to absorb. In liquid form, when you take the medicine, it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream whereas a pill is sometimes in a capsule that has to be dissolved before being absorbed. In essence, the liquid medicine kicks in considerably faster than the tablet form of sildenafil.

The third reason is that liquid sildenafil has been proven to last longer than the tablet version of the drug. Its effects can stretch up to 6 hours and the side effects are less punitive than with the pill version. However, like any other drug, liquid sildenafil has a few side effects due to the ingredients. It should be noted that the side effects are in most cases mild and wear off fast from the body.

The side effects associated with liquid sildenafil include insomnia, muscle pains, stomach upsets and nausea, and headaches. Bar the side effects, you should be cautious if you consider to use liquid sildenafil or you intend to introduce your partner to the drug. There are some people it is not applicable to because it can cause bodily harm or even kill them. These people include men who are not yet of age, those with heart conditions, men with leukemia, and men with allergies to chemical components of liquid sildenafil. The last point there underlines the importance of having a doctor on board when you intend to partake liquid sildenafil. A doctor will guide you by telling you whether liquid sildenafil is good for you and how much you should use.

Liquid Sildenafil Citrate Dosage

As with numerous other ED medicines, Liquid sildenafil citrate does not have a constant dose for all the patients. You need to consult with your doctor first before partaking liquid sildenafil. Once you have purchased the dose, read the directions on the label carefully. The average dose is about 50mg equivalent of the liquid sildenafil. This can be used as a starting dose that you can adjust. To measure the correct dose, use the oral syringe that accompanies the medicine.

The volume of liquid sildenafil you take is proportional to the strength of the medicine. Take the medicine half an hour before having sex with your partner. The liquid will be absorbed faster than that but that is just but an average figure. The effects of the meds last around 6 hours. Under the supervision of your doctor, if the dose is not enough, take more and the inverse is true.

Liquid Viagra Peptide

It is the same as Viagra but it is used purely for research purposes. It is sold by various vendors online and physically.

It comes in various forms

It comes in various forms. There is the 25mg/ml X 30ml and the 50mg/ml X 30ml. This means that the bottle contains 30ml. One ml contains a full dose of either 25mg or 50mg depending on the composition. The liquid peptide can be purchased for research.

Liquid Sildenafil Citrate Review

Since the concept of liquid sildenafil is alien to most ED patients, it is worth having a look at what past customers have made of its ability to cure ED as well as hypertension. The reviews I found mainly focused on liquid sildenafil being used as an erectile dysfunction medication. I found these reviews online.

image3 33A guy by the name Sarmtaurus had some detailed insight for those who are yet to try out liquid Viagra

A guy by the name Sarmtaurus had some detailed insight for those who are yet to try out liquid Viagra. He said that it works much faster because it is not coated in some tablet that needs to be dissolved first for the effects to kick in. That is scientifically accurate. Another customer by the name MikeSnow said that he had used liquid Viagra and thought it was just as good as the pill that is used by most people.


Liquid Sildenafil is a liquid version of the famous sildenafil citrate. While it is not common, some people have claimed that it is more effective than the tablet version of the drug because it is absorbed faster. When you buy it, you should be careful to buy from a genuine seller.

In addition to being absorbed faster, some people have associated it with lasting longer in the blood. It is taken using an oral syringe that is used to measure the correct dose. There have been concerns that the dose is not usually constantly stated as the case with the tablet form of the drug. You can take one ml of the drug per dose. Each ml is an entire dose. It can be 25mg or 50mg and usually comes in a 30ml container. This is an equivalent of 30 doses.

Liquid sildenafil peptide is used for research purposes and can be purchased for this purpose online. If you Sildenafil treatment, consider buying regular Sildenafil pills after consulting our List of Approved Vendors.