August 10, 2018

Legit Canadian Pharmacy – Does a Legitimate Canadian Online Shop Exist?

Buyers are now shifting to purchasing their supplies online considering the convenience offered by online vendors. Because of this, even patients are now resolving to purchase their medicines online, from stores like Canadian Pharmacy stores, or shops that carry the “Canada” tag on their websites to indicate affordability, even if the stores are not really located in Canada.

Online pharmacies often include “Canada” in their names because of the country’s association with cheap generic medicines. Compared to the United States, Canada is able to offer affordable medications due to the approval of generic medicine circulation in the country. The United States, on the other hand, still favor big pharmaceutical companies, hence the multitudes of extended patent protection for the brand name treatments, like for instance, erectile dysfunction medicines like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Legit Canadian Pharmacy Sites: How do I look for them?

Because Canadian Pharmacy websites are now swarming the web, the big question is: how do you look for legit Canadian Pharmacy sites?

Honestly, it is difficult for customers to identify which Canadian Pharmacy stores are reliable and which stores are illegal, based only on face value. There are a lot of Canadian Pharmacy online drugstores that appear legit because of the graphics, robust line-up, and other aesthetic factors; however, you can’t assume that a store is genuine based only from these factors.

There are quality checks you need to perform to be able to identify if a Canadian Pharmacy or any online drugstore shop is valid or not. Here are some warning signs to keep in mind so you can steer clear of illicit online drugstores:

  • No reviews

Having no reviews is usually a red flag—shops without customer reviews, especially those claiming years of service are doubtful. Since we live in an online age, it is almost impossible for buyers to intentionally leave out reviews for a website, for either its good or bad service.

Customers should look for shops with a lot of third-party website reviews, forum mentions, or third-party app on-site reviews. If the shops do not have these, ask around and do more research to find out why the store has no existing buyer testimonials.

  • Low ratings from web address assessment tools

Online drugstores, not only the Canadian Pharmacy ones, should be assessed for the health of their web addresses. There are online tools available on the web that are able to check if a store is safe or risk-free, like,, and several other web platforms.

Scam Adviser – A Domain Checking Platform

Scam Adviser – A Domain Checking Platform

The results of the assessments can give you an overview of what to expect from a particular website. These results, along with several markers like existing third-party reviews, a good operating history, responsiveness, and others, can indicate a store’s legitimacy.

Legit Script – A Web Assessment Platform

Legit Script – A Web Assessment Platform

  • Unbelievable deals

Shops with unrealistic deals are something you should be concerned about—good shops usually have reasonable, not too cheap prices for the customers. Although buyers are supposed to save more in cost whenever using web drugstores, they should not offer unrealistic deals that would sound like they’re giving away their products without something in return. It is good that a store is offering free pills for a certain number of pills or free shipping if a buyer is able to reach a certain purchase amount, but you should steer clear of shops that will purportedly give you free 100 pills in exchange for nothing.

  • Fake contact details

Canadian Pharmacies with a non-functioning phone or email numbers should be something you need to steer clear of. You should be looking for responsive shops, as responsiveness indicate reliability.

Reputable Canadian Pharmacy Viagra: Can you find legal and effective Viagra products online?

Most popularly searched products online include erectile dysfunction treatments like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Legitimate Canadian Pharmacies are able to offer these products online and at great prices lower than the brand name products available at local drugstores.

Legal and effective Viagra products are also available online—there are sellers able to offer real generic products sourced from the manufacturers of the drug themselves. Some Canadian Pharmacy shops are legitimate and are reliable—you only have to search hard for these stores and keep in mind the signals that indicate a stores legitimacy or illegitimacy.

Legit Canadian Pharmacy Offering Cheap Viagra

Legit Canadian Pharmacy Offering Cheap Viagra

Legitimate Canadian Pharmacy List: Is There Such a Thing?

Yes, there are actually well-curated lists of online drugstores that you can use whenever searching for Canadian Pharmacies to use. We have a curated list of recommendable online pharmacies, our List of Top Online Vendors, stores which are guaranteed safe and effective to use and with the cheapest prices for the medicines.

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Not Recommended Website List

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Not Recommended Website List

Apart from the curated online lists that contain the best online drugstores to use, there are also lists from government and private agencies, like the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), which specify which stores to avoid. NABP and other agencies like CIPA Rx have their lists of rogue or suspicious online drugstores that do not qualify for their standards of legitimate online drugstores.

It is important to check these curated lists if you don’t have the time to do the manual online drugstore searching yourself. These lists will help shorten your search and will give you a heads up on illicit drugstores, Canadian or not.


Legit Canadian Pharmacy stores are available on the web but it takes skill and a keen eye to discover which of these stores are good to use or not. You can use well-curated online pharmacy lists like our Top Online Vendors list to look up the best shops to use to be able to shop online safely.