August 10, 2018

Joe’s Pet Meds Promo Code: Get Discounts For Cheaper Prices

For many families around the world, pets can be considered close friends or even honorary members of the family. They can express caring for their owners and are generally fun to be around and to play with. Pets can also contract a number of diseases which, while not contagious to humans, could still pose a huge danger to the health of a pet, and thus it is important to help cure them of the ailment before they experience undue suffering. For this, you can go to Joe’s Pet meds to get what you need.

Some people may find it difficult to find a pet store near them that has what they need and even if there is one, it may be unnecessarily expensive. Joe’s Pet Meds is an online store based in Australia that caters to pet owners everywhere by offering great prices for their products. These would include pest control solutions for fleas and ticks, treatments for different kinds of worms such as tapeworms and heartworms, and other like products. Aside from getting these products at low prices, you can also expect them to be of excellent quality, or at least of the quality that you would expect from a major pet store in the US, even if the product itself is a generic one.

Coupons for Good Deals on Pet Products

Coupons for Good Deals on Pet Products

Aside from the promise of low costs, customers who want to try this store out can also find coupons that are set to be used exclusively for this online site. You could lower the prices of a specific product or a general category of products. However, the offers don’t usually last too long, so you should use them as soon as you can.

Joe’s Pet Meds Reviews

Joe’s has been around and operating since 2007. Though this may not be as long as other online store businesses, it would certainly mean that Joe’s has been in business for more than 10 years, and so should have many customers who have something to say concerning the quality of the service or the products themselves.

Excellent Reviews on the Website

Excellent Reviews on the Website

Checking the website of Joe’s itself will yield a considerable amount of reviews, over 600 of them, in fact. Most of them have been 5-star or 4-star reviews that praise the service that has stayed top-notch since they first opened to the public. Many have claimed that the delivery is consistent and never makes you wait for more than you need to. They also praise the work of the customer service that helps clients out with their problems, especially if an order goes awry. Finally, many people are plain thankful for the amount they’ve been able to save from using the site.

An External Review that was Less than Favorable

An External Review that was Less than Favorable

At the same time, when you check outside of the website itself, you’ll see a drastically different story. There are websites like that allow users to leave reviews, and here, many have expressed some disappointment or disdain in the service. While there are still a considerable number of 5-star reviews, there are also a few that have not received their orders and were greeted with apathy from the customer service. Due to the mix of reviews, we would advise those interested in using the site to use their own discretion on whether or not they want to give it a shot.

Joe Pet Shop Advantage

One of Joe’s bestsellers is a product known as Advantage, used for flea control in both cats and dogs, although buying one type will not necessarily be effective for both animals. The product was developed by Bayer, which is a multinational pharmaceutical corporation based in Germany. Aside from human medicines, one of which is their most successful product, Aspirin, they also create treatments for veterinary purposes as well as healthcare products and biotechnology. Knowing all these, you can be sure that the product is very dependable.

Advantage Product for Dogs

Advantage Product for Dogs

Advantage costs about $25.95 for a single pack of the product used for dogs weighing between 4kg and 10kg, which sounds like a fair enough deal. However, when you consider that the same product being sold elsewhere will cost about $50, then you’ll realize you’re getting a 50% discount for the same good product if you’re buying from Joe’s. While there are still shipment fees to consider, savings will pile up more if you are in great need of a large supply and you order them all at once.

Joe’s Pet Meds Phone Number

Sadly, it seems that Joe’s does not have the most immediate means of dealing with customer’s concerns. The website has no phone number that can direct you to an actual employee or service provider, and the only form of communication is through email, which, though instantaneous, is not as convenient as a phone line.

Joes Pet Meds Support Center

Joe’s Pet Meds Support Center

Many have written this off as one of Joe’s most disappointing features, especially since it limits communication with the store.


While there are plenty of online pharmacies out there, pet medication stores aren’t as popular. There are places like Joe’s Pet Meds, however, that can meet your needs online and send your needed medications for your beloved cat or dog. The site has been operating for a decade and continues to be a store relied upon by thousands of users around the world. Reviews range from mixed to excellent, with the worst complaints being about lost purchases or a lack of proper store-customer communication, and the best compliments to the site praising the low prices and excellent service.

Buying online always carries an amount of risk, especially if you can’t be sure what you’re getting. In this case, it is best to look for feedback from past users or to try verifying a site through organizations whose job it is to do so. If you do this, you can be more secure in your online shopping habits. Finally, if you want to find the best stores online that sell healthcare products and medications, then look through our recommendations of top online pharmacies here.