August 10, 2018

Is OTC Sildenafil Becoming a Reality?

Because erectile dysfunction is slowly becoming a more openly discussed issue, men are breathing easy knowing they can find a way to treat their ED, and are often relieved and ecstatic to find out that there is actually quite a large selection of drugs out there other than brand name Viagra that can help them deal with any problems in achieving and maintaining a good erection. One of the most common and affordable products are Sildenafil drugs that you can get on the market for affordable prices.

Sildenafil Citrate, Viagra’s generic form, works the same way that its Pfizer cousin does by allowing blood vessels in a man’s penis to open up, allowing for better erections that last much longer. Such a drug also has its fair share of side-effects, which is why it is risky to use this product if you don’t have a good idea of how much you should be taking or what dosage to use.

No matter what any of the internet online websites tell you, you cannot expect to buy any legitimate, high-quality Viagra or Sildenafil drugs unless you have a prescription from a real doctor. Otherwise, you are at risk of making an illegal transaction or getting a defective or counterfeit product when you could be using the money to buy cheap and reliable drugs from trustworthy pharmacies.

Best Over The Counter Viagra Substitute

Let’s face facts: Who wouldn’t want to be able to buy their medications over the counter whenever they wanted? This is a huge problem for men who can’t muster the confidence to talk to their doctor, who they only usually see once a year or so, about an ED problem.

Cialis is yet another ED treating pill

Cialis is yet another ED treating pill

There is a myriad of different products on the market right now that claim to work just as well as any top brand ED pill. But the best thing about them won’t be that they’re much easier on the wallet in comparison to Viagra- it’ll be that you won’t even need a prescription to get them.

Drugs like generic Sildenafil, Cialis, Levitra and countless others are great alternatives to Viagra, particularly because they come at a bargain, but all of them will require a doctor’s prescription for purchase. OTC Sildenafil is just like any other illegal drug- if you want it, you’ll have to get it through some shady dealer. In the long run, you may be compromising both your safety and your health by trying to buy Sildenafil and other medications like these without a prescription.

Over The Counter ED Pills

Aside from sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction, a lot of men are looking for performance enhancing products just so that they can please their partner during sexual activities. And who can blame them for wanting to perform at their best?

There Are Countless Male Enhancement Products to Choose from

There Are Countless Male Enhancement Products to Choose from

Because there is such a high demand, food and drug manufacturers and companies have come to meet the cries of the growing masses with an equally numerous number of different male enhancement products to choose from.

Here are is a list of what some of these products can do for you:

  • Drastically improve your libido so that you can perform sexual acts with a partner for longer periods of time and with better results
  • Improve your sexual satisfaction and stamina
  • Help you increase your lean muscle and lose unwanted and excess fat
  • Improve your mood and reduce fatigue to make you more active
  • Control your body’s blood pressure and improve your ability to use your sugar reserves
  • Strengthen bones and give you a more toned-looking body
  • Improve mental functions and hone your concentration

Testosterone Boosts are Just One of Many Male Enhancement Products

Testosterone Boosts are Just One of Many Male Enhancement Products

One of the most interesting things about these products is that most of them aren’t classified as drugs. They are usually considered food supplements so you can buy as many of them as you want without having to get your doctor’s signature on a prescription. The downside, of course, is that while there a great many of these products that do work and give you incredible results, taking too many can lead to drastic side-effects that may even affect your health and well-being for the long-term. It will be difficult to determine how much of a product is too much, so it would be best to consult a health expert or your doctor about taking such products in the first place.


Sildenafil is pretty much a wonder drug when it comes to taking care of ED problems and allowing men to have wonderful sex lives again. The demand for it is through the roof, which is why many pharmacies are joining in on the pharmaceutical arms race and why Sildenafil products are considerably low-priced in comparison to Viagra.

When you type in OTC Sildenafil on the internet, you will be bombarded with incredible deals and promises of products that will require no prescriptions from a doctor whatsoever. Buyers who are looking to get their money’s worth for the medicines they are buying should not pay any attention to these deals since they are, quite often, too good to be true.

Several people can attest to getting tricked by an online scam that guaranteed to give them a genuine Sildenafil product, when in fact they were either given a knock-off or a cheap substitute. Some have even been as unlucky as to not receive anything at all in return for paying for the drug they wanted.

A list of online pharmacies can be found here, giving you the chance to check out the latest prices and stock for Sildenafil, and the best part is that you can order it with just a click. Just make sure that you have a prescription for the drug when you plan on buying Sildenafil and other Viagra-like products.