August 10, 2018

CIPA Pharmacy: Avoid Rogue Canadian Drug Stores

Shopping for medication drugs on the web is becoming more dangerous day after day. Within a period of 24 hours, there will be 20 more scam drug stores that crop up on the web. These stores are being added to the 35000 stores which are already terrorizing online shoppers. It is for this reason that programs such as CIPA are established in order to help curb this problem. CIPA stands for Canadian International Pharmacy Association. This association has been on the web for approximately one decade and a half since it was established in the year 2002.

This association helps people avoid the rogue stores. All the licensed online pharmacies that have their operating base in Canada are members of CIPA. Any Canadian pharmacy that has been verified to operate legally on the web should have a CIPA badge on their website. Rogue stores have realized the importance of this badge and they have been placing it on their websites in an attempt to lie to people and make them buy from them. However, CIPA usually has a tool that makes it easy for people to identify the rogue stores. To use this, all you need to do is copy and paste the website’s domain address and place it in the tools search bar. Within a short time, you should be able to know whether the store that you are dealing with is a rogue one or a real store.

Canadian Pharmacy

There are both rogue Canadian Pharmacies and great Canadian Pharmacies. We want to prove this to you so that you can be careful when you are dealing with pharmacies that claim that they have their location in Canada. To prove this, we will make use of Canadian pharmacies reviews:

Canadian Pharmacy Reviews (Source: https://edrugsearch

Canadian Pharmacy Reviews (Source:

Becky could not find her prescription drugs in the local stores. In the few stores that had the drugs, they had a price that was far too high for her. She did a research online and she was able to locate a Canadian drugstore. She received the drugs that she needed at a price that she could afford. The customer service staff was awesome. She will place another order in the Canadian store.

Whitehead J was looking for a place to get his metformin easily. He was finding it hard. However, he finally located a Canadian store that could sell the drug to him and deliver it to his home such that he did not even need to leave home to get the drug. The drug is cheap and it has great quality. There were no delays.

Canadian Pharmacy Customer Feedback

Canadian Pharmacy Customer Feedback

The above reviewer is experiencing problems with his package. He paid for the shipping that would take the shortest time. However, he did not receive his meds and the supervisor claimed that the meds would arrive on a later date. He tried to ask for a refund of the money that he had paid for the fast delivery but he has not received it yet.

Canadian Pharmacy User testimonial (source: https://my-canadian-pharmacy

Canadian Pharmacy User testimonial (source:

The above reviewer says that money has been stolen from his credit card by a Canadian pharmacy. He also receives spam calls from the same Canadian pharmacy. He has tried to unsubscribe but the calls are still coming. He was forced to discard the old credit card and get a new one in order to stop the false charges.

As you can see, there are both scam Canadian pharmacies and great Canadian pharmacies. If you want to be safe, we have the great Canadian pharmacies which have already been approved by CIPA in our catalog. Use these stores.

Safe Online Pharmacy

This question has been coming up more and more recently. More people want to avoid scammers. The best way to do this is to ensure that the pharmacy that is delivering your meds is approved by organizations that regulate how online pharmacies operate. One of these organizations is CIPA. We have talked about this organization earlier on in the article. It will allow you to determine the rogue store by searching the domain on their website.

Another organization that regulates online pharmacies is VIPPS. This is a program that was established in 1999 by NABP. This program has a list of not recommended pharmacies. This list has thousands of drugstores that will steal from you or deliver fake meds if you use them.

The best way to locate a safe online pharmacy without losing your money or wasting your time is to use the list that we suggest to you. In this list, you will find pharmacies that have been accredited by VIPPS and CIPA. These pharmacies will not overcharge you. Also, you will receive your drugs on time.

Best Canadian Online Pharmacy

It is true that you will be able to locate more than one great Canadian pharmacy on the web, however, there is one pharmacy that we have observed and identified as being the best. This pharmacy is known as Online Pills. The store offers the best prices. The prices are 90% lower than what you will find in your local store.

Best Canadian Pharmacy – Online Pills

Best Canadian Pharmacy – Online Pills

The delivery never takes more than 3 weeks. The drugs that you will receive are all genuine and they will work perfectly. When it comes to the customer care department, they have the best team. This means that you will enjoy your experience shopping at Online Pills.


A CIPA pharmacy is an online mail order drugstore which will deliver what has been ordered and not fake drugs like the majority of online pharmacies do. CIPA pharmacies are hard to locate in a web that is saturated with fake drug stores. We have managed to select the CIPA pharmacies available on the web. We have placed these on our highly-rated list of pharmaceutical drug sellers. If you are willing to save a ton of cash, keep your health intact, get your products delivered to you in the shortest period of time, you will have to use this list.