Canadian Drugstore – Save More Money When Buying Medications

One thing that we have noted recently is that more people are using drug stores located in Canada to buy their medications. The common complaint all these people are giving regarding the local pharmacies is that the local drug stores are overcharging them such that buying the drugs they need to keep their health in check is becoming unbearable. Just to confirm that this is true, we compared the prices offered by online stores operating from Canada and the prices offered by local pharmacies. We noticed that the local stores are selling their meds at a price that is 10 to 30 times more than what the online stores are selling the same medication. The average medication shopper gets a chance to save at least 70% on his or her medications in the Canadian pharmacies.

Canadian Drugstore Prescription Drugs

Some people continue to suffer while purchasing their meds in the local stores since they are convinced they will get into lawsuits when they source their meds in the Canadian drug stores. After doing a thorough research, we have determined that sourcing your medications from any foreign country including Canadian drug stores is not illegal. The only things you have to do is order meds which don’t exceed a 90 days supply if they are yet to get FDA approval. Also, you should avoid importing illegal and controlled substances without a prescription.

Canadian Drugstore Chains

If you are a regular online medication shopper, there is a very high likelihood that you may have come across pharmacies on the web which look exactly like each other.

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These are pharmacies which will have the same information on their websites, the same medications, the same contact details, and the same design. This is what is referred to as a Canadian drugstore chain.

These sites are usually established by a single company whose major aim is to make more sales. The sites only function as order gathering points. Once different people make their sales on the different sites, the orders are then relayed to a central processing point. If the Canadian drugstore chain is genuine, it should have an order processing point that has the qualified manpower. It should have qualified pharmacists who have enough knowledge to take care of the orders relayed to them.

Genuine Canadian drugstore chains will have accreditation from regulatory bodies. The common Canadian regulatory bodies include Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) which we have indicated below and Manitoba International Pharmacist Association (MIPA).

CIPA Homepage

Dealing with Canadian drugstore chains is not easy. Note that the pharmacy sites resemble each other. The only thing that changes is the web address. This is something that scammers have taken advantage of. They have created sites which resemble the ones which operate under a drugstore chain. If you happen to use a scam domain address by mistake, you will end up on a scam site that looks like a site you had used before successfully. This means that you will be stolen from and you will not realize it. What we encourage our readers to do is avoid using random domain addresses. This is the only way you can stay safe from scam sites which look exactly like Canadian drugstore chains you have used before.

Canadian Prescription Drugstore

Earlier on, we mentioned that Canadian drug stores are much cheaper than the local pharmacies. To drive this point home, we will be looking at the prices the Canadian drug stores sell their medications. We found a really descriptive price list on one of the Canadian drug stores This price list includes not only the prices the Canadian drugstore will offer you but also the prices the local pharmacies sell the same medication, the percentage savings and the actual savings you get when you buy the medication in the Canadian drugstores. Here is the price list:

Canadian Prescription Drugstore Prices

The prices offered by local drug stores can only be called exorbitant. For example, the local stores will sell only 12 pills of Actonel at 816 dollars. This means that a single pill will cost the buyer 68 dollars. However, the same medications can be purchased at only 59 dollars for the same number of pills. Meaning, the whole twelve pills will cost less than what a single pill will cost you in the local pharmacies.

84 tablets of Actos will cost you the buyer 1,777.50 dollars. This means that a single pill will cost 21 dollars. When you buy the same medication in the Canadian pharmacy, you will only need to pay $54. This saves you 97%.

Looking at the savings waiting for you in the Canadian drugstores, there is no need for you to continue buying your meds in the local store. The lowest you will save is 86%. We encourage our readers to avoid using random stores they find online. This is because the web is filled with scammers. You can find top-rated Canadian pharmacies in our catalog. These stores are guaranteed to offer you the best services.

Mail Order Prescription Drugs from Canada

Now that you are aware of the fact that you will pay less for your meds when you source them from Canada, we should also inform you that via mail order, you will get to receive your meds on time. The longest time the drugs you order via mail order can take is 21 days. This tells you that you should always order your drugs when you still have a month worth of medications still left. This will give the Canadian drugstore enough time to ship your meds.


Canadian drug stores are a perfect place to source your medications. This is evidenced in this article. The stores have low prices and they sell genuine medication. If you were to look at the reviews that the Canadian pharmacies previous users have already written, you will find that there are genuine stores. However, the genuine Canadian drug stores are hard to locate. We have created a catalog that has the best Canadian drug stores to help you avoid scammers.