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Among the top Canadian pharmacies which dominate the online pharmacy space, is one of them. This pharmacy which was established in 2001 has been operating for the past seven years. The number of discount prescriptions that they have already managed to refill are more than 7 million. During this period of time, the amount of money they have saved customers amount to over 1 billion dollars. The store claims that they are committed to providing high-quality medications at the lowest possible price. Every discount order is usually backed by their no-risk guarantee. They have shipping that does not incur any charges for the buyers. You will get your drugs shipped for free. - Great Canadian Pharmacy Shutting Down their Website Homepage

This pharmacy usually stocks a large number of drugs. These include both brand and generic drugs. They have drugs which will require you to have a doctor’s prescription before they can dispense them. They also sell over the counter medications. If you wish to reach this pharmacy, you can do so using their toll-free number which is 1-800-226-3784. Their international phone number is 1-204-654-7964. They have a toll-free fax which is 1-800-988-5440. Their international fax is 1-204-258-7009. Their hearing impaired TTY service number is 1-877-258-7006. To email them, you will need to use [email protected] Mail Order

This pharmacy offers to ship for free. This means that the mail order will not incur any charges. The drugs that they ship usually take about 2 to 4 weeks to reach their consumer. From the reviews that we will be looking at in a moment, their customers are happy with the service that they receive from the pharmacy. When we visited website, we noticed a notification that indicated that they will not be offering mail order deliveries to the United States in the near future. Here is the notification: Closing

The store cited the reason for closing being the plea agreement entered into with the United States Department of justice. The store will not be shipping any meds to the United States from July 13th, 2018. However, there are still other top-rated Canadian pharmacies which have the ability to deliver high-quality and cheaper medications. You will be able to find these on our top-rated catalog. Reviews

There are numerous reviews available on the web regarding the services that offers. The majority of these reviews are positive. In fact, more than 95% of the reviews are positive. We have some of the reviews here: Reviews

Larry C. says that has always been so good to them. The store has always taken good care of their prescription meds. Ethel says that the last process for refilling his prescriptions went really well. The woman he spoke with was both courteous and helpful. The conversation was pleasant and he was able to get his refill in a timely manner. Testimonials

Robert says that the service he experienced was good. The products arrived exactly when he had been promised they would arrive. The drugs were a lot cheaper in the United States. With his insurance copay, Robert ends up paying 1500 dollars every month for his prescription meds. When purchasing his meds from, he only needs to pay 250 dollars every month.

Esther S. says that Canada Drugs is always professional. They are eager to provide help on the phone in whatever way they possibly can. When she compares the prices she pays for the same drugs in the United States, the United States cannot beat these prices provided by She likes doing business with

It is clear that has focused on providing the best services to their customers. However, the fact that they are closing their website will affect their customers. But, there are other options. In our catalog, you will be able to find the top-rated Canadian pharmacies which offer even better prices than those offers. These pharmacies have been investigated and proven to be the best by our experts who know how internet pharmacies operate. Viagra

Sildenafil citrate is a popular drug given that more than half of the men who are in relationships need this medication in order to keep these relationships healthy. The drug is applied in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The cost for brand Viagra in the local stores located in the United States is 70 dollars. The cost for the same drug in is the following: Brand Viagra Cost

The cost of the 100 mg tablet which is manufactured by Pfizer brand located in Canada will cost you $18.51 dollars per tablet. The price for the same tablet that is manufactured in New Zealand will cost you 14.70 dollars. When you obtain the pill that is manufactured in the United Kingdom, you will either pay 16 dollars or 17.30 dollars. Generic Viagra Price

The most expensive pill costs 12.04 dollars. The pill originates from Australia and it is manufactured by Alphapharm Pty Limited. The second most expensive pill is from New Zealand. It will cost you $9.32. It is produced by Mylan Pharmaceuticals. The least cheap pills originate from the United Kingdom. They will cost you $8.71 and $8.76 respectively.


After having 17 years of successful online business, will be closing their website on 13th July 2018. They have managed to serve more than 7 million customers and saved them more than 1 billion dollars. The store has nice reviews which prove that they have always offered their customers the best services. The only problem that we can say we noticed about them is their price which is a little bit high. For example, their generic Viagra is costly. The cheapest pill that they have will cost you $8.71. We have Canadian pharmacies in our catalog which will ask you for a maximum of only $3.61 for your Viagra pill. If you buy this drug in bulk, you will only need to pay a mere $1.01. These pharmacies have been investigated and proven to outperform all other pharmacies available on the web.