Big Mountain Drugs – A Popular Canadian Pharmacy with Nice Reviews

One thing we can all agree on is the fact that medical prices are on the rise. This is something that makes the lives of the Upper and lower class families very difficult. The local pharmacies are the only ones raising the medical prices. More people are beginning to realize that there is no reason to pay over 70% more for their drugs. The web has made it possible for people to order medications from Countries like Canada where the medications are much cheaper. Canadian drug stores have already moved their services to the internet. A perfect example of a great online pharmacy located in Canada is Big Mountain Drugs. This is the look featured on Big Mountain Drugs homepage:

Big Mountain Drugs - A Popular Canadian Pharmacy with Nice Reviews
Big Mountain Drugs Home

The pharmacy has been operating for more than a decade and a half. The thousands of people who have managed to shop from the online drugstore have already managed to enjoy 50 to 90% savings. The drugstore indicates that all the meds they sell are sourced from leading pharmaceutical companies. This makes it easier for the drugstore to ensure that their clients are getting high-quality medication. Their pharmaceutical distributors are located in countries like Asia, Europe, and Australia. You will get both over the counter medications and prescription meds. To get access to the prescription meds, you will need to have a valid doctor’s prescription. The drugstore has both brand name drugs and generic drugs.

Is Big Mountain Drugs Legit?

Nobody would want to deal with a fake drugstore. This is the reason as to why we decided to check and make sure that Big Mountain Drugs is not just another scammer with an impressive website and nice images to represent non-existing meds. We found that this pharmacy indicated it was a CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) member. We searched its domain address on CIPA and found that this is true. The pharmacy also happened to be recommended by Pharmacy Checker. The store had numerous positive reviews on Pharmacy Checker. Here are some of them:

Big Mountain Drugs Testimonials

Victor says that he is very pleased with the products and the services that Big Mountain Drugs has to offer. The company has helped him save a bunch of money. They offer the most competitive prices that he has ever found anywhere on the internet. Victor says that his father speaks Spanish. The drugstore has made sure that they have invested in Spanish-speaking customer support department. Filling his order takes only a few minutes.

Julia indicates that she is so happy with Big Mountain Drugs. It is easier for her to purchase all the medications she needs which have a high-quality. The customer service is great and the delivery is fast. She will continue ordering from Big Mountain Drugs.

Stella says that she and her family have been using Big Mountain Drugs to purchase a variety of medications for more than 5 years. She says that they managed to save between $2000 and $1000 on a yearly basis. She indicates that the Canadian pharmacy is trustworthy. They have friendly customer support agents who make sure that they solve the customer problems quickly. She recommends the pharmacy to people who want to purchase cheap and quality medications.

We cannot dispute that Big Mountain Drugs is a legit pharmacy after going through all the evidence available above. The customers are happy and the pharmacy is already approved by regulatory bodies. This means that you can shop for your meds without worrying you will lose your money or you will not get the kind of services you deserve.

Big Mountain Drugs Cialis

Cialis which contains tadalafil as the main active ingredient is one of the most used medication by people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. The problem is that the drug is too expensive in the local drug stores. A pill will cost a man 70 dollars on average. Given that many men are operating on a budget, this is not a price that they can afford. This means another solution has to be found by men who wish to streamline their sex lives without destabilizing their financial lives. This is where Big Mountain Drugs comes in. They have cheap brand and generic Cialis. Here is the price for brand Cialis:

Big Mountain Drugs Brand Cialis

If you buy 8 tablets of the brand Cialis sourced from Canada, you will be charged the most since each pill will cost you $28.125. When you buy 32 tablets sourced from Turkey, you get to pay the least. Each pill will cost you $13.72 dollars.

Big Mountain Drugs Generic Cialis

The prices for generic Cialis at Big Mountain Drugs are even cheaper. You will get 32 Indian tablets for only $99. This means that you will be paying only $3.1 for a pill. When you increase the amount to 64 you will only pay $1.86 for a pill.

Big Mountain Drugs Coupon Code

This drugstore cares about their customers. They have numerous coupon codes to help them reduce their medication prices even more. We found numerous coupons on third-party sites. Here are some of them:

Big Mountain Drugs Coupon Codes

The first coupon code allows the buyer to save 10 dollars. The second offer is a deal that allows the buyer to save up to 50% on all his or her meds. The final coupon we have here will allow you to save 10 dollars on every 100 dollars you spend at Big Mountain Drugs. The pharmacy itself offers their second-time buyers a 5% discount.


Big Mountain Drugs is a legal pharmacy. It has nice reviews from previous customers and it is approved by CIPA which is the major regulatory body for all Canadian pharmacies. The store has nice prices for their meds and they will allow you to pay 50 to 90% less.

The problem with online pharmacies is that there are too many of them that are fake. Over 95% of online drug stores are fake. To avoid dealing with scammers, there are pharmacies available in our catalog which have been investigated and proven to be genuine by experts. Use these pharmacies.