August 10, 2018

Candian Pharmacys: A Better Alternative to Local Pharmacies

Canadian pharmacies have always offered high-quality medications at a cheaper price. However, getting these medications remained a mystery until these pharmacies made a smart move and started offering their services on the web. Before the online Canadian pharmacies were a reality, you had to book a flight to go and get meds from Canada. The pioneers in the Canadian online pharmacies space have been operating for more than a decade. Even after being online for this long, people are still not ordering their meds from the pharmacies even though their prices are over 70% cheaper than the local pharmacies. Some of the pharmacies are even more than 90% cheaper.

When we did our research we found that these people are afraid they might lose their hard-earned cash. This is not the case anymore. With methods of payment processing such as credit cards, you have the ability to cancel any payment you make and get your money back if you find that you have been scammed. We agree that there are numerous pharmacies available on the web. 90% of them are fake. However, you can easily avoid the scammers easily by using great Canadian pharmacies which have been proven to offer great services. The question is, is there a great pharmacy that you can trust with your orders?

Best Canadian Online Pharmacy

After carrying out our research which took us a huge amount of time due to the huge number of online pharmacies available, we finally managed to single out a Canadian pharmacy that will never disappoint you. The pharmacy is Pharmacy Mall.

Pharmacy Mall Main Page

Pharmacy Mall Main Page

The store was established in 1997. It is always a good idea to buy drugs from stores which have been in business for a long time in comparison to buying the same meds from a pharmacy that has just been established. A pharmacy can only manage to be in business for 20+ years if they are offering genuine drugs. Pharmacy Mall has already served 1,000,000+ customers. They have managed to get recognition from regulatory bodies such as CIPA.

Their store carries all types of medications. You will be able to find both prescription and non-prescription medications. Their price will always save you more than 90% of the money your local pharmacy charges you. The store offers its customers free pills when they order from them. Pharmacy Mall ensures you are safe when transacting with them by only requesting their buyers to pay using credit cards. After checking their reviews, we found that all their previous customers have nothing to complain about. They indicated that their drugs arrived on time and they were in quality condition. If you are looking for a pharmacy that will never disappoint you, Pharmacy Mall is the pharmacy that you need to consider using today.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

The fact that erectile dysfunction affects more than 50% of all males who are sexually active makes the drug have a very high demand in the local pharmacies. This is something that online pharmacies take advantage of. They will raise the price of the drug to more than the common man can afford. When you decide to order your Viagra from a Canadian pharmacy, you will get a chance to save a lot of your cash. But, you have to be careful, there are thousands of fake pharmacies selling fake pills or selling nothing at all online but claiming they have Viagra in stock. Recognizing them can be hard since their websites are similar to the real pharmacy websites. The price for brand Viagra in a real online Canadian pharmacy is as follows:

Canada Drugs Brand Viagra Price

Canada Drugs Brand Viagra Price

The price for the Canada-manufactured pill is the highest. It will cost you $18.51. The intermediate cost tablet is sourced from the United Kingdom. It will cost you $17.30 and $16.00. For someone who is looking to save more of their cash, buying the New Zealand pill is the best idea. It is the cheapest. It will cost $14.70.

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Canadian Pharmacy Generic Viagra Price

It will be better to buy the package that you can afford that has the highest number of pills. This is because the more the number of pills you purchase, the lower the price becomes. When you buy a 360-pill package, the amount you save is 935.71 dollars. The amount that you save when you compare the price for a pill with the one available in the local pharmacies is equivalent to 98.56%. Note that there is no difference in terms of functionality between the brand Viagra and the generic Viagra. Therefore, it will be a better idea to get generic Viagra instead of getting brand Viagra for some on a budget.

Canadian Pharmacies Mail Order

If you are ordering from a Canadian pharmacy that has a great reputation, you will only need to wait for a maximum of about 2 to 4 weeks. On average, mail order deliveries arrive in 3 weeks. Your pharmacy should provide you with a tracking number that works. If you live in the united states, you should get a tracking number for a mail order delivery service provider such as USPS. The tracking number should be real. Fake pharmacies give out fake tracking numbers. They may give you a real number but the contents of the package which will get delivered to you will be fake. You need to stay away from random Canadian pharmacies. This will eliminate the risk of you have to deal with scammers.


We are saying that getting your meds from a Canadian pharmacy is lucrative. But, this is when you do it correctly and order your meds from a real pharmacy. There is no way to tell whether a Canadian pharmacy is real or not by looking at what they want you to see on their website. A lot of investigating has to be done before a pharmacy can be considered to be fake or real. This research involves even ordering drugs just to make sure that a pharmacy delivers. We have performed all this investigation on Pharmacy Mall. What we have found out is that they have the best services, they are timely in terms of delivery and all their meds are genuine.