August 10, 2018

CanadianPharmacyOnline – Here’s What You Need to Know About this Drugstore Network

Canada Pharmacy Online, one of the names recurring on the web today, is actually a name for a pharmacy network and not a singular web drugstore. When we speak of a “pharmacy network” we actually pertain to a group of online drugstores sharing the same store name and overall store content but have different web addresses.

Pharmacies included in the Canadianpharmacyonline network are sometimes doubted by consumers due to their uncanny resemblance to one another, but owners of these networks state that buyers should have nothing to worry about since these stores are equally trustworthy.

Canadian Pharmacy Online Prescription Store: What is this all about?

Canada is often included in names of web drugstores to connote that their medicines are cheap—this is because Canada is renowned for its advocacy in generic medicine distribution for its people, hence the use of the term “Canada” to indicate that a shop has cheap generic medicines available.

Although most of the stores named as Canadian Pharmacy Online have their licenses indeed from Canada, some online pharmacies just use the name to lure buyers into buying from. Also, albeit the Canada Pharmacy Online network is legitimate, some online drugstores merely copy the network name so buyers would assume them as legitimate shops.

Because there are several online drugstores mimicking benign pharmacy networks like Canadian Pharmacy Online, it is advisable for consumers to thoroughly evaluate the shops they’re dealing with so they wouldn’t end up purchasing from poser websites.

Consumers should not be scared when purchasing their medicines online despite the risks. When armed with the right knowledge about which shops are legitimate or not, buyers can shop with confidence at any Canadian Pharmacy Online drugstore they want.

Here are some of the things buyers should bear in mind to make sure that a Canadian Pharmacy Online store is legitimate:

  • Read reviews – Check if the shop you’re eyeing has sufficient external website reviews or forum site mentions from its former consumers.
  • Use domain checking platforms – Besides reading reviews, it is also important for consumers to use web checking platforms to ensure that a certain website has consistent details like its age, location, and contact information. These checking platforms also inform buyers if a website has an SSL certificate or not.
  • Verify its memberships and seals of approval – If a Canadian shop claims to be a member of Pharmacy Checker, CIPA, MIPA, or any association, go to the organization’s website and verify if the shop is indeed a member of it is merely using the seals to become more appealing to the consumers.
  • See if the contact numbers are real – Scam sites usually use bogus numbers or emails and sadly, buyers are unable to check these until they have already made their first purchase from the store. Buyers can try calling the numbers advertised in the store or try sending the shop an email.

Canadian Pharmacy Online Reviews: What are people saying about this network?

Unfortunately, despite the multitudes of online drugstores named “Canadian Pharmacy Online”, reviews for this shop network are quite elusive. On-site reviews for Canadian Pharmacy Online are available and were naturally positive about the shops, but third-party comments, on the one hand, are harder to spot.

An on-site review for Canadian Pharmacy Online

An on-site review for Canadian Pharmacy Online

It is premature for us to conclude that Canadian Pharmacy Online drugstores were not popular amongst consumers—we can give the network the benefit of the doubt and think that the testimonials for the shops are possibly not optimized enough that they fail to show up in the most relevant search engine results.

Shops included in the Canadian Pharmacy Online network may still be reliable, but customers should deal with them with wisdom and caution so they can find reliable Canadian Pharmacy Online drugstores and not end up using scammer sites.

Canadian Pharmacy Online Cialis: How much does Cialis cost at Canadian Pharmacy Online stores?

Since Canadian Pharmacy Online stores are advertising that they are cheaper than the local drugstores, it is possibly a good idea to take a look at the prices and offers available at Canadian Pharmacy Online shops to confirm if their prices are really affordable or not.

According to one Canadian Pharmacy Online store we visited, erectile dysfunction products like Cialis containing the potent ingredient Tadalafil is one of the best sellers in the shop. Consumers can purchase the medicines only when they provide the proper prescriptions for the product. The current price of brand Cialis 10 mg from the company Eli Lilly is at $19.49 per tablet, while the generic counterpart for Cialis is sold by the shop for $15.27 per tablet.

Cialis Price at Canadian Pharmacy Online

Cialis Price at Canadian Pharmacy Online

Here are the other famous medicines available at one Canadian Pharmacy Online we looked at:

  • Brand Viagra 100 mg from Pfizer: $18.45 per pill
  • Sildenafil 100 mg: $12.46 per pill
  • Brand Lipitor 20 mg from Pfizer: $1.95 per pill
  • Atorvastatin 20 mg: $1.17 per pill
  • Levitra 20 mg from Bayer: $16.96 per pill

Honestly, these deals are somewhat more expensive than the usual online pharmacy prices for the same medicines; however, these prices are still significantly cheaper than the local drugstore prices for the same products. Cialis is still steeply priced at local pharmacies—the shops are still charging around $80 per pill of the brand Cialis product from Eli Lilly.


Canadian Pharmacy Online stores are available on the web, selling medicines like erectile dysfunction treatments, hypertension treatments, heart medicines, and various others. Shops with the name Canadian Pharmacy Online have reasonable prices for their medicines, although their prices are not the cheapest in the market.

On-site reviews for Canadian Pharmacy Online stores are positive, but the store has limited third-party reviews. Stores belonging to the Canadian Pharmacy Online are still good to buy from, although you should evaluate them first before you decide to buy from them. If you want shops that are guaranteed to deliver, use the stores included on our list of Top Online Vendors.