August 10, 2018 An Honest Canadian Pharmacy Offering Services Internationally was established back in 2001. This is a pharmacy that the majority of people know as Canada Drugs. The store has been offering their services on the web to people who come from all countries in the world. They have managed to receive and fill more than seven million prescriptions globally for the time that they have been operating. The pharmacy website claims that every one of these prescriptions that they have refilled have been filled at a far much lower price in comparison to what the local stores offer.

Their homepage promises those who need drugs that they are a company that is dedicated to making sure that you get access to your meds at a low price such that you will have the ability to afford the drugs. sells generic and brand drugs which have their origin in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the pharmacy’s homeland Canada. They don’t ask you to pay for the shipping fee. As long as you have paid the full price for your meds, you will get free shipping irrespective of where you live. Reviews

It has become the common practice for online pharmacies to lie. The pharmacies will do this in order to get people to buy from them. Determining whether a store is lying is as easy as checking the reviews that they have. The following reviews for will help you determine whether the store is liar.

Canadiandrugs Reviews

Neal B. confirms that he has been dealing with for about 15 years. He has never had an issue with the service and products that are delivered to him. He recommends the drugstore.

Bruce F. confirms that has served him very well. The communication from them is timely and professional. Orders are filled correctly and efficiently. He recommends to his friends.

Canadiandrugs Testimonials (source:

Charlene says that is an excellent company. She has already witnessed the great services that the company offers. The prices are great for her. She has been shopping for her drugs from the pharmacy for years now.

Edna E. is another happy man after shopping at and experiencing the great service that is offered in the pharmacy. He says that is top-notch in his book. Not just for the great prices that they offer but also for being very efficient. They are also knowledgeable and friendly. Edna has been shopping at for a decade and he has never had a problem with the meds or the communication.

The above reviews are not the only ones that we found online. But these are enough to prove to you that you will be safe when you are doing your business dealings with The reviews were on an external reviews site. This means that they are not doctored reviews. But, can you save using coupons? Coupons

If you are shopping online, it is a good idea to try and locate a coupon. Coupons will provide you with a chance to save a huge chunk of your cash. We decided to find whether there was anything like a coupon available online for We were able to find hundreds of coupons on different coupon sites. We have some of them here as proof.

Canadiandrugs Coupons

The first coupon should be used after you have ordered drugs that cost you more than 50 dollars. It will help you save 10%. The second coupon will allow you to save 25 dollars on any order you make at If you are ordering for the first time at, the third coupon is yours. You will be able to save yourself a quarter of the total money that you would have paid for all your meds. Viagra

Relationships, especially romantic ones, cannot survive if the intimacy is dead. What kills intimacy in more than half of the romantic relationships is erectile dysfunction. If a man is dealing with erectile dysfunction, he will find it hard to get and keep a solid erection. This is problem that can be fixed quite easily by Viagra. Viagra contains sildenafil citrate a compound when ingested will help keep your veins as wide as possible and hence allowing more blood to flow to the male sex organ. This removes impotence and replaces it with potency. The potency provided by Viagra is known to last for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 6 hours. This is time that is enough for you to enjoy your sexual escapades with your significant other. But, what is the price for the drug?

Canadiandrugs Brand Viagra Cost

The price Indicated above is for the drug that is manufactured by Pfizer. This tells you that it is the branded drug. The price depends with the country of origin. The cheapest brand Viagra at originates from New Zealand. It costs you $14.70. The generic Viagra is cheaper. The following are the prices:

Canadiandrugs Generic Viagra Price

The generic Viagra Cost depends with the manufacturer. The cheapest costs $8.71 and it is manufactured by generic manufacturers who operate from the United Kingdom. This price is too high for generic Viagra. This is the reason as to why we don’t recommend this store. It has great services but the prices are high. The best pharmacies that we have on our top-rated catalog will sell generic Viagra at a price of $3.61. This is the highest price. It can be reduced to $1.01 per pill if you buy in bulk.

Summary or what the majority of people will know as Canada Drugs is a pharmacy that is located in Canada and offers brand and generic drugs. The store has nice reviews. The problem with this store is their high prices. This is the reason we don’t recommend it. There is no reason to lose money while you have the chance to save it. Check out our catalog and select one pharmacy to order from. You will save money and still be safe from scammers.