August 10, 2018

Canadadrugsonline Com – Appears to be Legitime

As you are probably aware, getting drugs from Canada has proven to be cheap and affordable. This has made Canadian pharmacies a popular discussion in relation to getting drugs online cheaply. Often times, doctors even advice patients to make an order of a drug that proves expensive from a Canadian pharmacy. Moreover, not all Canadian online pharmacies are pharmacies in themselves. Some of the Canadian pharmaceutical platforms you see today are contracted with Canadian pharmacies and international fulfillment centers around the world. It is from these fulfillment centers that the drugs you order for are dispensed. However, the processing centers are located in Canada. The fact that they are affiliated with pharmacies in Canada and international fulfillment centers make them able to get the best price for your meds. This is the service offers. They are affiliated with an accredited Canadian pharmacy from which Canada drugs are dispensed. They are also affiliated with fulfillment centers in New Zealand, UK, US, Mauritius, Singapore, Turkey, and India; from which they also dispense medicines from. The rational inquisitions are how can you be sure they would dispense quality drugs to you? Is it safe to try their service? Well, let’s find out real quick.

Is Canada Drugs Online Safe?

Many times you may desire to try out an online pharmacy so you make an attempt to find out if the pharmacy is safe. It is always wise to do this just to be on the safe side. I mean there are many online pharmacies that are unaccredited and thus, they do not sell authentic drugs. Apparently, counterfeit drugs would worsen your health condition. Unsafe pharmacies are commonly not protected so your data exposure risk. Other risks would be the failure to receive your package and failure on the part of the pharmacy to provide a due solution to your queries. So if you fall victim to an unsafe website, you would waste your resources (time and money) and complicate your health issues. We are sure you do not want that! So, is one of the safe one of the safe online Canadian pharmacies? Our answer would be yes. Canada Drugs Online dispenses only authentic drugs, this can be ascribed to the fact that their activities are monitored by the appropriate pharmaceutical agencies which ensure they are involved in safe practices. Their platform is also secured. You can see the padlock sign before their URL in the address bar.

Canada Drugs Online Homepage Image

It signifies that the website is protected with SSL encryption. Thus your personal and financial data is not at risk using this website. This is why they are verified by Security Metrics which ascertains that their platform is safely protected card data theft. They also have a customer care line that is toll-free and always ready to resolve any issues you may have. From what we see, no worries about safety with this online pharmaceutical platform.

Is Canada Drugs Online Legit?

A great question to ask when looking to purchase from a Canadian online pharmacy is the question of legitimacy. So many pharmacies claim to be Canadian pharmacies but they are illegitimate. Purchasing your drugs from these illegitimate online pharmacies could be very risky and could cause you a lot of havoc. Some pharmacies that claim to be Canadian pharmacies are not even operating from Canada. They do not have a Canadian physical address that can be verified. How come they call themselves Canadian pharmacies? The internet has made it possible. It is pretty much difficult to track all the activities going on the internet. Anyone could just build up a website, display drugs, and put up the Canadian flag on the website to hide under the good reputation of Canadian pharmacies. Without a pharmacy which claims to be Canadian operating from Canada, they cannot be regulated by the regional regulatory bodies in Canada. Thus, they would not be accredited by these regulatory bodies; which implies that they are illegitimate. Canada Drugs Online, however, operates from Canada, British Columbia to be precise. Which means they are regulated by the pharmaceutical bodies of British Columbia. Their legitimacy is also attested to by the accreditation from CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association). This is why they are on the list of the pharmacies qualified as legitimate by CIPA.

Canada Drugs Online Complaints and Reviews

While Canada Drugs Online is said to sell quality drugs at cheap prices, we have to check what customers have to say. The comments of customers basically show us their overall experience which would indicate what you should expect should you choose to use this online pharmacy. Our discussion about this would not be thorough without sharing with you some customer reviews. Since we like to do a thorough job; check out a couple of reviews below.

image1 10Canada Drugs Online Reviews

Canada Drugs Online Reviews

The first customer review comes from Behindthem who has great things to say about his experience ordering from Canada drugs online. He tells us that he has had a “fantastic experience” with this pharmacy. The second customer review comes from Idhio who also has great things to say. He tells us that he has been their customer for 10 years. I think this says a lot about customer satisfaction. Otherwise, he would have quit purchasing from this pharmacy. He attests that they sell at great prices, ship timely, and uphold the standards common to top-notch pharmacies.


In summary, while there are a lot of Canadian online pharmacies that you could make a purchase from, it is important that you learn if the pharmacy is truly a legitimate Canadian pharmacy before making a purchase from the pharmacy. appears to be legitimate from all indications. We advise that you check our top list of recommended pharmacies for a list of legitimate pharmacies. We also admonish you to beware of scammers while attempting to make drug purchases online.