August 10, 2018

Canada Pharmacy Checker – Helping Customers Find the Best Online Pharmacies

Pharmacy Checker is a US-based website that helps the consumers find the prescription meds with the lowest prices among licensed U.S. and international pharmacies. It is also a website that helps the customers find the safest online pharmacy to purchase from by checking their safety credentials for them. Pharmacy Checker has been around since 2002 and was formed to help Americans and international consumers save money on their medications while allowing them to have adequate information about the online pharmacy that they’re visiting to keep them safe. Due to its reliability, Pharmacy Checker has already been referenced by known media firms like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal for its price comparisons and verifications. As of the present, Pharmacy Checker is the only website of its kind, an independent company that verifies various international pharmacy websites and compares their prescription drug costs.

The customers can access various features on Pharmacy Checker’s website like Price Comparisons where they will be able to see the list of online pharmacies offering the medicine they are looking for with the prices. In seeing the full list, customers will easily find the online pharmacy with the cheapest price for their medicine. For those who are looking to find specific online pharmacies with excellent ratings, visitors can check out its Pharmacy Ratings page where they will see various accredited and certified online pharmacies that they can visit. These pharmacies bear its seal to let the buyers know they are indeed certified.

Pharmacy Checker Seal

Pharmacy Checker Seal

The most accessed feature on its website is the Prescription Savings tab where the buyers can select from two other options – Online Pharmacies and Patient Assistance Programs. Selecting the Online Pharmacies option will lead the customers to the page where various information about online pharmacies and everything that the customers need to know about them can be found. It is also discussed in that page the amount of savings that the customers will get and other benefits that could be had by purchasing meds from them. In choosing the other option, the Patient Assistance Programs, customers are offered the option of applying to the assistance programs offered by pharma companies to help them with the expensive costs of the medicines that they need. These programs can even help customers get their meds for free while some offer discounts ranging from great to little discounts. The patient assistance program offered by Pharmacy Checker is available only to customers from the US and not to international clients.

Canadian pharmacies are among the top-rated pharmacies on Pharmacy Checker’s list. These pharmacies are simply a cut above other pharmacy stores because aside from the good quality medicines that they offer, they are also the ones with the cheapest prices for the prescription medicines which are usually costly if bought from other pharmacies. These pharmacies were among the first online pharmacies established and still continue to be the leading ones in the business. But due to the growing number of scam pharmacies that take on the guise of Canadian online pharmacies, customers must first use Pharmacy Checker to verify if they are legitimate. Fake pharmacies can do a lot of damage to an unsuspecting customer’s credit card or bank account that’s why it’s necessary to verify an online pharmacy first before buying from them. Pharmacy Checker makes sure that the customers avoid such errors with the use of their services, giving them a list made up of only the legitimate ones so they can be sure.

Pharmacy Checker: Price Savings from Canadian Pharmacies

As mentioned earlier, Canadian pharmacies have the best price offers to its customers, selling effective and expensive meds at cheap prices. Buyers can potentially save an average of 70% on the top 20 brand-name prescription drugs from licensed and verified Canadian online pharmacies. These prices became possible for the customers because of the introduction of the generic versions of the expensive prescription drugs.

Sample Generic Medicine, Sildenafil 100mg from Germany

Sample Generic Medicine, Sildenafil 100mg from Germany

These are the exact reproduced versions of the popular prescription drugs made by certified international pharma companies from countries like New Zealand, Germany, Australia, and the UK. Since the costs of reproducing an already existing drug is much cheaper than making a new drug from scratch, generic drug companies are able to sell the generic meds for very low costs.

Wanting to help customers with the rising costs of prescription drugs, Canadian pharmacies took advantage of the chance in giving them the opportunity to buy effective alternatives with lesser prices. American customers are the ones that have benefited greatly from the affordable medications that Canadian pharmacies make available online since the prescription drug costs in the US are very high. By getting their meds online from Canada-based pharmacies, US customers save money while getting the right amount of pills for their treatment.

Pharmacy Checker: Compare Online Pharmacies

Pharmacy Checker is indeed the best place for comparing online pharmacies to one another, helping customers weigh the benefits that one offers against other pharmacies. This is the only site that has this offer, giving the customers the opportunity to look for the pharmacy with the best benefits to offer. Online pharmacies have various prices for their different pharmaceutical products so some of the meds that they sell are cheaper or pricier than others. But customers can specifically look for their meds using Pharmacy Checker to get the best prices.

Aside from comparing online pharmacies from each other, customers will also read about the testimonials from the customers who have benefited greatly from the pharmacy checking services that Pharmacy Checker offers for free. These testimonials are a great help especially to those who are new to online purchasing of medicines.

How to Find an Online Pharmacy You Can Trust

Reliable and trusted online pharmacies can also be found on the listings of independent pharmacy review sites. Buyers can also check them out find pharmacies that they can buy their meds from since these are pharmacy sites that have been checked and scrutinized by the buyers themselves. The meds that they have are all approved by the FDA for the customer’s safety and are effective for use.


Pharmacy Checker is a US-based website whose services are about helping customers find the best online pharmacies and find prescription meds at the most affordable prices. It’s been around since 2002 and has already helped multitudes of customers who are looking for effective and low-cost meds from reliable online pharmacies. For a full list of online pharmacies to buy meds from, buyers can check our top recommended pharmacies.