August 10, 2018

Buy Vyvanse Online – A Wonder Drug that Greatly Improves Brain Function

Vyvanse is a drug that is usually available only through local pharmacies due to its nature as a prescription drug. But now that online pharmacies with a large selection of medicines are all over the web, buying Vyvanse online is now a possibility. Vyvanse is the brand name of the drug known as lisdexamfetamine, a medication that is used for the treatment of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and BED (binge eating disorder).

Its manufacturer is Shire Pharmaceuticals LLC, a US-based pharma company. Aside from being known as lisdexamfetamine, Vyvanse can also be called as lisdextroamphetamine and L-lysine-dextroamphetamine. It belongs to the psychoactive drug class as a stimulant, strongly affecting the central nervous system (CNS). After administration, patients will be experiencing a long-lived euphoric, stimulating, and focus enhancing effects due to the action of the amphetamine to the brain. Its basic route of administration is through mouth (orally) but it can also be administered through smoking, vaporization, and insufflation but its speed of effect would still be the same.

Vyvanse 50 mg Pill

Vyvanse 50 mg Pill

But because of the dangers of the drug being abused leading to drug dependence, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has classed Vyvanse as a Schedule II drug, a federally controlled substance which can only be obtained through special prescriptions from licensed physicians. This is to protect the people from the dangers that come with the dependence of the drug since its active ingredient is amphetamine, a highly-addictive substance. Compared to its counterpart Adderall which is also used for ADHD treatment, the effects of Vyvanse is much stronger. Once ingested, the body converts lisdexamfetamine into pure dextroamphetamine, the active form of the drug. Dextroamphetamine produces stronger effects to the central and the peripheral nervous system and for this reason, the drug is illicitly used as a study drug for retaining large amounts of information and for recreational purposes due to its euphoric effects.

Safe and Secure 256-Bit SSL – Vyvanse Online Pharmacy

Before buying Vyvanse from online pharmacies, buyers must first make sure that the site they’re visiting is secure. One way of knowing if an online pharmacy is secure is if it’s using SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption to protect the information that the customers are sending. SSL encryption prevents the data being sent by the customers (credit card numbers, personal info, etc.) from being intercepted by third parties and outside sources and be used by them for their fraudulent activities. Safe and secure online pharmacies are always using SSL encryption and the customers can know them by checking their domain names. If the domain name of the online pharmacy that sells Vyvanse uses https:// and has a padlock icon before it, then it is a secure website. Pharmacy sites that only use HTTP should be avoided at all costs as they’re likely to be scams and are operated by scammers.

Purchase Vyvanse Online Without Prescription

It is the practice of local pharmacies to ask for prescriptions from their patients whenever they purchase prescription drugs from their stores. Some online pharmacies also do this practice but most of them no longer ask it as a requirement. Vyvanse can be bought without prescriptions online and it would save the customer’s money and time since they no longer have to pay a doctor for a consultation. Although it has a downside of allowing anybody to purchase the drug, the bright side is the patients who need them can save their money and maximize its use for purchasing more of the drug for their future use.

The cognitive effects of using Vyvanse are overwhelmingly positive, making the brain function better than when not using the drug. These positive cognitive effects include creativity enhancement, analysis enhancement, improved focus, immersion enhancement, memory enhancement, thought organization, thought acceleration, motivation enhancement, increase in music appreciation, and personal bias suppression. The only negative cognitive effects that it brings are anxiety, irritability, and wakefulness, where users will find have problems in resting their thoughts and getting sleep.

The positive cognitive effects of Vyvanse kicks in when the drug is on its peak of effect but its after-effects are not so pleasant which makes its users slump into depression, cognitive fatigue thought deceleration and motivation suppression. But these effects can be countered by eating healthy foods and drinking healthy beverages coupled with taking mild sedatives to manage the stimulant comedowns of Vyvanse. If taken in high dosages, Vyvanse may even cause its users to experience visual effects such as hallucinations, drifting, and brightness alteration (caused by pupil dilation).

Buy Cheap Vyvanse Online

The Vyvanse sold online is literally cheaper than those which are sold at the local pharmacies. Online drugstores are known for having the manufacturers themselves as their direct suppliers which enables them to get their products at low costs. Buyers can use this to their advantage and buy their Vyvanse online for big savings. But customers should also beware of fake pharmacies and take great caution in choosing the online pharmacy to buy from.

Vyvanse 30 mg Pills

Vyvanse 30 mg Pills

The effects that Vyvanse can give to its users can last for long durations. After taking Vyvanse, users will only need to wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour before the effects of the drug kick in. Its total effect duration can last from 10 to 14 hours and its peak of effect is within 3 to 5 hours after its ingestion. The drug’s offset or deterioration of effect is also on its last 3 to 5 hours where users will feel the drug’s effects mellow down. Among the physical effects that will be manifested in a person using Vyvanse include increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, palpitations, nausea, dehydration, stamina enhancement, pupil dilation, increased perspiration, increased body temperature, appetite suppression and temporary erectile dysfunction for males. There are many other physical effects that the customers will get from using Vyvanse but these are the most common ones.


Vyvanse is a drug that is used for treating conditions like ADHD and binge eating disorder. Its generic name is lisdexamfetamine, a drug that has amphetamine as its base, a stimulant that works on the area of the central nervous system. It is a wonder drug that greatly improves brain function but also has a number of negative side effects. For online pharmacies, check our top list of recommended drugstores.