April 18, 2018

Allergy Meaning And Various Types

The word allergy is derived from Greek word ‘allos’ which later become ‘ergos.’ The meaning of this word is simple. It is action. It is same as it done to the body of the affected person. You can read on below to know more about allergies. An extreme exaggerated response by the immune system is all that allergies are concerned with. It is usually the result of the fact that your body has been in contact to some foreign and unknown objects. The exaggeration process is mainly due to the fact that these foreign objects are considered very harmful to the body. At the same stage there is no response found in those people who are irresponsive in nature to these allergies. But for the allergic people the foreign objects are usually recognized and turn one or other immune system factors on.

The substances producing the allergies are called the allergens. Foods, dander, molds, dust mite and pollens are the major allergens affecting the human body.

In order to understand the various forms about allergies it is necessary to understand the fact that the allergens are the substances which are foreign to the body of the person and hence can cause harmful chain reactions as well.

What are the various types of allergies?

The types of allergies are based upon the factors which are explained below. Food allergies, seasonal allergies and pet allergies are most common types of them. Food allergy includes the milk, egg & wheat allergies. Summer, fall and spring allergies are the types of seasonal allergies. The dog and cat allergies are the main types of the pet allergies. All of the above given types of allergies may have different symptoms as classified. The seasonal allergy occurs in seasons with its different types of symptoms.

Besides them there are some special allergies which are most common. These allergies can easily trigger reaction in its own ways to the body of different persons. A brief description on more common allergies is given here. Allergy Rhinitis is a common type of illness which every year effects thousands of people. This is mainly caused due to inhaling of pollens, grass, trees and ragweed. These are the objects considered as the allergens. Dust mite allergy is caused by a type of microscopic organism which is commonly found in dust. The mold allergies are other common type of allergy found in the months of summer. Asthma is another type of allergy in to the lungs which is mainly caused by inhaling of the allergens or sensitive chemicals or odors. The atopic dermatitis is another form of allergy commonly found in people.