August 10, 2018

AccessRx Review – US-Based Online Pharmacy with Limited Category of Medications

AccessRx is a US-based online pharmacy that focuses only on selling the most on-demand prescription drugs to its customers. Unlike other pharmacies that have a complete selection of pharmaceutical products, AccessRx only focuses on 9 medicine categories which are: erectile dysfunction medications, hair loss, cigarette-quitting drugs, diet meds, sexual health meds, allergy relief, skin care products, acid reflux, and sensual lubricants for sex. Even though its category of medicines is just limited to these 9, AccessRx is still very popular among its customers because of its ease of use. Everything that the buyers need is plainly laid out on its site and very easy to find.

For the customers needing help with using its website or have any questions regarding its products and other things, they can simply contact its phone hotline which is 1 800 467 0297. AccessRx is proud to say that it has already provided reliable customer service to tens and thousands of its customers ever since it has started its operations back in 1998. Its customer service representatives are always ready to provide the needed assistance of the callers and will be helping the customers out until they get their concerns resolved over the phone. For its clients who have no phones, AccessRx also has a Live Chat line where its chat support representatives are always ready to answer any questions and lend help to the customers in need of assistance. The Live Chat line of AccessRx is a much quicker way to reach its customer support department since most of the time, the phone hotlines are full of callers and buyers will have to wait on the queue.

The most popular products of AccessRx are its pills for erectile dysfunction (ED) which are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Unfortunately for customers who are looking for generics to these brands, AccessRx doesn’t provide them and only focuses on selling the branded versions of these drugs. But buyers can at least take comfort in the fact that the prices they offer are slightly cheaper than what the local pharmacies ask for these meds. Prescriptions are also required from the customers whenever they purchase prescription drugs such as these ED pills. AccessRx only accepts prescriptions that come from state-licensed physicians to make sure that the patients have undergone proper medical examinations before they buy their medications.

Is AccessRx Reputable: Customer Reviews

AccessRx may be stricter with its policies compared to other online pharmacies but customers are happy with the service that it provides. Due to its reliability as an online pharmacy, many customers have come to appreciate it as an online drugstore that they can trust and depend on. Below are some of the reviews of its customers from Trust Pilot, its partner website:

AccessRx Customer Reviews

AccessRx Customer Reviews

AccessRx Customer Reviews

AccessRx Customer Reviews

The first review was from a customer named Bill who was thankful to AccessRx for the personal, secure, and private transaction that he had. AccessRx values each of its customer’s privacy and makes sure that the transactions that they make are confidential. Even up to the shipping of their ordered medicines, AccessRx ensures that the privacy of their clients will be protected by making the packaging of their orders discreet. Only the customers will know what they have ordered and it’s just between them and AccessRx. Bill gave 5 stars on his review for AccessRx and extends his thanks to the store.

The next one is a 5-star review as well and it was from a customer named Elliot Maisel who says that he had a good experience. It was about a mistake that was committed by a representative from AccessRx, accidentally putting the wrong address to his overnight package. Because of this, he never received his package that was supposed to arrive on that date. He decided to call and let AccessRx know about this situation and he managed to speak with a supervisor who was able to handle the situation very well. The experienced supervisor then contacted FedEx and voided the delivery with the wrong address and processed a reshipment that he received one day late.

Ray D. is a loyal customer of AccessRx who has already provided 3 reviews for the site and his third review is also a 5-star one. He just gave a brief testimonial which says “prompt, reliable and high-quality meds.” He just summarized the delivery service that he received as well as the good quality of the meds that he got.

AccessRx Better Business Bureau

AccessRx is a pharmacy website that bears the accreditation of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an established organization that works on advancing marketplace trust. Its approval of reliable and legitimate businesses can be determined if a business has its BBB seal.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Seal

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Seal

AccessRx has this seal and it even has an A+ rating, the highest rating that the BBB can give to an online store. BBB has something that is called Code of Business Practices that business must adhere to before they are fully certified. Once it has been proven that a business follows strictly to its code, BBB allows the accredited businesses like AccessRx to use its trademark logo.

AccessRx Reputation

The online drugstore AccessRx has a very good reputation online and comparing it to other online pharmacies, its positive reviews coming from customers are overwhelming. It has over 1,400 reviews for its site and 95% of them are positive, a testament to its dependability as an online pharmacy store. Not many online pharmacies have this large number of positive reviews and its partner site Trust Pilot is known for its transparency, meaning the reviews for it are genuine and coming from real people who have been actual customers of AccessRx.

AccessRx Viagra

Viagra is the number one drug on the list of the most bought prescription drug at AccessRx. Its manufacturer is Pfizer and its generic name is Sildenafil Citrate. The reason why this drug is AccessRx’s bestseller is because its price is cheaper than what the local pharmacies offer. The same is also true for its other ED pills like Cialis and Levitra. Since the prices that AccessRx offer allows customers to have take-home savings, many customers continue to buy ED medications from them.


AccessRx is a splendid online pharmacy even though it only sells a limited category of medications. It has focused only on selling the most bought prescription drugs, making it easier for the customers to find them and order them. The price that it offers for its products is also slightly cheaper than the local pharmacy stores which enables the customers to save money. Unlike other pharmacies on the web, AccessRx still requires its customers to provide prescriptions before they are allowed to buy their prescription meds. For other reliable online pharmacies like AccessRx, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.